50 Million Bibles printed in China and Jesus film DVD released in 8 languages

On September 11, 2007, the 50 millionth Bible rolled off the Press at Amity Printing Company in Nanjing. While the world remembered the tragic events of September 11, 2001, we remembered God’s Goodness and Greatness in Bible production in China.  10 years after the end of the Cultural Revolution, the Amity Press was established in Nanjing and the first Bible came off the Press in Nanjing on October 14, 1987.  It was an amazing miracle of the Lord.  And the miracle continues.  Over the past 20 years, more than 50 million copies of Bibles have been printed at the Press.  42 million copies were distributed in Mainland China and 8 million copies were exported to more than 60 different countries in the world.  Praise God for all these millions of Bibles printed and distributed, and pray for the continued spread of God’s Word in China and throughout the world.

A celebration will be held in Nanjing on December 8 to celebrate this major milestone in Bible production in China.  At the celebration, the United Bible Societies (UBS) and Amity Foundation (AF) will sign an agreement to extend the Joint Venture Agreement between UBS and AF for a further 10 years when the current Agreement expires in June 2008.  UBS and AF established the Amity Printing Company as a Joint Venture in 1988.  Thank God for the successful Joint Venture between UBS and AF in Bible production over the past 20 years, and pray for the continued close cooperation between UBS and AF in Amity Printing Company. 

In partnership with the Campus Crusade Asia, UBS helped the Church in China produced the JESUS Film Video CD (in Mandarin and English), packaged with the Luke Gospel booklet.  UBS has supported the Church in the distribution of 290,000 sets of this Video CD with Luke Gospel portion over the past years.  Recently, Campus Crusade and UBS were able to support the China Christian Council in producing their first ever JESUS Film DVD, packaged with the Luke Gospel booklet.  The DVD comes in 8 languages and dialects: Mandarin, English, Korean, Mongolian, Lisu, Chaozhou (Teochew), Guangdong (Cantonese), Minnan (Hokkien).  Pray for the wide distribution of these so that many Chinese, including the ethnic minority and dialect speaking Chinese, will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Luke Gospel portion is in the Revised Chinese Union Version (RCUV).  It is the first time the RCUV Scripture is published and distributed in Mainland China.  The revision of the Chinese Union Version is led and managed by Hong Kong Bible Society, and the RCUV New Testament has been completed and published by the Bible Society.

This report was compiled from information provided by Kua Wee Seng, Coordinator, China Partnership, United Bible Societies, Singapore. [url=http://www.ubscp.org]http://www.ubscp.org[/url]

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  1. Father Ron Smith Says:

    What a wonderful effort by Amity Press in China.
    However, this remarkable advance of availability of the Scriptures in China needs now to become a more universal benefit for all Christians in that country - not only to those Churches which have been sanctioned by the Chinese Government (and which were visited by the G.S. Primates) but to all authentic Christian bodies.

    If the recent visit by Global South Primates has in any way opened up the possibility of the Gospel outreach being openly and unrestrictedly accepted by the Chinese Government, then their visit should be acclaimed by all Christians.

    We await the outcome of the G.S. initiative, to see if any fruit can be discerned that will allow Christians to worship without restrictions in mainland China. This would be indeed a wonderful and remarkable achievement.