Archbishop Mourneer resign from the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion

...I have come to the sad realization that there is no desire within the ACC and the SCAC to follow through on the recommendations that have been taken by the other Instruments of Communion to sort out the problems which face the Anglican Communion and which are tearing its fabric apart. Moreover, the SCAC, formerly known as the join Standing Committee (JSC), has continually questioned the authority of the other Instruments of Communion, especially the Primates Meeting and the Lambeth Conference.

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  1. Dr. Paula Says:

    I have had difficulty trying to access the whole article.  I get an “error” message.  Have others encountered this problem?

  2. Niger Says:

    Welcome back Sir. with all due respect, I wish I can say ‘we told you so’. To continue with England or TEC is to follow them walk away from the Bible. FCA (GAFCON) offers a better hope and future for believers in the Anglican family. The Covenant? Sadly, in two years time, I will remind those betting on it that it was redesigned to fail.

  3. Rosemary Behan Says:

    I think Archbishop Mouneer’s letter of resignation is a very brave letter,  and I would like to convey my thanks for what I think may be a turning point in our fellowship.

    However,  please know that there are those of us in this corner of our Anglican world,  who would like to know the reaction of Archbishop John Chew to that letter of resignation.  Are we a family,  or are we not?  It’s been so hard in recent years to know whether we belong or whether we don’t and who our brothers and sisters are. 

    Families need all the fruits of the Spirit,  but they also need to know they belong and the discipline of knowing there is leadership,  even faulty leadership,  but leadership nevertheless.

    From a Kiwi sister

  4. Editorial Says:

    Dear Rosemary

    Trying to understand your request (smile).

    How will knowing Abp Chew’s reaction to this letter mean anything? He is not on the JSC.

    Can you shed further light on your request?


  5. Rosemary Behan Says:

    Terry,  we know we are part of Our Lord Jesus’ family.  He has cared for us,  led us,  encouraged us and blessed us in so many ways.  However,  I cannot say the same thing about our own provincial church,  and I’m very sad to say that.  So we look for friends,  for brothers and sisters,  and especially for leaders,  among the wider church family that we know exists outside our own fair country.  There are many of us who don’t feel primarily that we belong to an autonomous local province,  but that we’re part of a wider, global community.  That somewhere there are leaders who will show us the way,  however costly that must be.  Archbishop Mouneer Anis,  and Archbishop John Chew did not attend Gafcon,  which for a while,  helped us to feel very much a part of that global community,  so we watched and waited,  wondering if perhaps there was another way forward together,  could the Covenant indeed do some good?  Then there was the debacle of the last ACC meeting,  which many of us don’t understand at all,  but Archbishop Mouneer Anis was on the JSC, and Archbishop John Chew was on the revised ‘Covenant’ committee.  Was there hope here?  Was there going to be a way forward together?  Could we find brothers, sisters and leaders who shared our love for the Anglican community and the foundations of our church?  Could they find a way through the ‘politics’ and get back to basics?  Could unity be obtained in the midst of this disaster?  Was anyone prepared to stand firm?

    I consider the resignation of Archbishop Mouneer Anis a very brave act in the midst of what appears to be a dishonest global leadership.  Others are quiet,  we have no idea what they’re waiting for,  but we’d like to think someone, somewhere will stand alongside Archbishop Mouneer and call for the honesty that should be everyone’s priority.  Expose the dirty linen so that we can get on with what Our Lord has called us to.  He called us into the Light,  so darkness should be exposed,  not hidden in shame,  but exposed so that we can repent and get on in whatever unity we have left.

    The Lord IS at work,  and we’re trying hard to be patient,  but it would be nice to have some inkling that our leaders are indeed considering their responsibilities towards the wider Anglican community.

    Terry,  I’m just a laywoman,  there is so much I don’t know nor understand,  but losing the strength of knowing that we are part of a greater ‘whole’  ..  is devastating.  The Global South began by blowing trumpets,  has it stopped?  Why?  More lack of unity?  More politics?  Then it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty,  return to the Word and find our way through ..  past time.