Bishop Tito to succeed Gregory Venables as the new Southern Cone Primate

12 November 2010 - Print Version

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Bishop Tito to succeed Gregory Venables as the new Southern Cone Primate

By George Conger (CEN)

(Photo: Bishop Tito Zavala, in a recent picture at a ARDF meeting, 4th from left.)

THE BISHOP of Chile has been elected Presiding Bishop of la Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur (the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone). Bishop Hector “Tito” Zavala of Chile will succeed Bishop Gregory Venables of Argentina as primate of the Anglican Church in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Bishop Venables, who remains in office as Bishop of Argentina and acting Bishop of Northern Argentina, told The Church of England Newspaper the Province’s October 29-November 1 House of Bishops meeting and its November 2-5 10th provincial meeting of synod held in Buenos Aires were “extremely satisfying” and were marked by a “real commitment to unity and mission.”

Bishop Zavala was unanimously chosen to serve a three-year, renewable term as Primate and will be the Church’s first leader of South American descent. The synod also extended Bishop Venables a formal note of thanks for his nine years of service as Primate and endorsed his work on the international Anglican stage.

The new Primate is expected to continue the work of his predecessor on the pan- Anglican scene. The Diocese of Chile has a companion relationship with the Diocese of Pittsburgh and has given its full support to Archbishop Robert Duncan and the Anglican Church in North America.

In other business, the synod rejected a proposed revision to the provincial canons that would have permitted the ordination of women to the priesthood. The proposed amendment would have given dioceses a “local option” for women priests. While the proposal was adopted in the episcopal and lay order, it failed in the clerical order and was defeated.

Of the 38 Provinces of the Anglican Communion, eight do not ordain women: Central Africa, Jerusalem and the Middle East, Melanesia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Papua New
Guinea, South East Asia, and Tanzania.

Two provinces ordain women to the diaconate only, Congo and the Southern Cone while 25 provinces and the extra-provincial Church of Ceylon ordain women to the priesthood: Bangladesh, Brazil, Burundi, Central America, England, Hong Kong, North India, South India, Indian Ocean, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Scotland, Southern Africa, the Sudan, Uganda, Wales, West Africa, and the West Indies.

Four provinces have consecrated women bishops: the Episcopal Church, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as has the extra-provincial diocese of Cuba.

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