Church of Nigeria Mission to Congo - The journey so far…


In the year 2005, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) extended its mission outreach to Congo, one of the African war-torn countries.

This was in a swift response to the Macedonian call by the Anglican Church of Congo to come over to help develop and build self-supporting churches in the two provinces in the Republic – Kasia East and West.

The Church of Nigeria Missionary Society (CNMS) which is the arm saddled with the task of implementing the missionary vision of the Church swung into action by sending a delegate team to Congo to investigate and ascertain the “missionable” areas.

On their return, the House of Bishops elected a missionary Bishop in the person of Rt. Revd. Abiodun T. Olaoye who was posted to Congo after his consecration in 2005.

Today, the Missionary venture could be adjudged a success though there are still more hurdles to cross. This is evidenced in the Progress Report presented by the Missionary Bishop to the meeting of the Anglican Churches of the Province of Congo with her Partners.

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