Church of Uganda Still a Part of Anglican Communion

“The Church of Uganda is not seceding from the Anglican Communion,” said Rev. Canon Aaron Mwesigye, church spokesperson.  “Some press stories have misrepresented our position.” 

“The plain fact is that we are simply not attending the Lambeth Conference in July 2008, but we are still very much a part of the Anglican Communion.”

The Church of Uganda broke communion with the Episcopal Church in the United States of America in 2003 after they elected and consecrated as Bishop Gene Robinson, a divorced man living in a same-sex relationship.  But, the Church of Uganda has remained a consistently active member of the Anglican Communion.

“It is the Americans who have seceded from the Anglican Communion because of their decisions and their teaching,” Mwesigye said. “They have departed dramatically from the historic faith, teaching, and practice of the Bible and the Anglican Church.”

“How can they still be Anglican when they don’t believe what Anglicans believe?”

The Church of Uganda, along with many other Provinces in the Anglican Communion, urged the Archbishop of Canterbury to see that this crisis was resolved before convening Bishops of the Anglican Communion at the Lambeth Conference. 

Since, however, the crisis has not been resolved, and since those who precipitated the crisis – the Americans – have been invited to the Lambeth Conference, the Church of Uganda has upheld its decision not to attend.

“The crisis in the Anglican Communion is very serious,” Mwesigye concluded.  “It is not good stewardship of our limited resources to spend more than US$5,000 (8,500,000/=) per person for our Bishops and their wives to attend a three-week meeting which seems, in practice, to have no authority and is blatantly and persistently ignored by some of its wealthier member churches.”

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  1. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Says:

    The living faith speaks for itself to be compared with the worldly faith of AC which does not root itself in the Word of God.

    Now is the time to witness to the “faith of our fathers” still engrafted in Christ and Scripturs.

    I am personally blessed by the stand taken by the Church of Uganda, as the AC though opposed to the faith and stand of the Global South still belongs to all faithful Anglicans.

    GAFCON will filter the extra-Scriptural elements from the books of AC.