Conflict and Covenant - Talks from Fulcrum Conference Islington 2008

Now online at Fulcrum. Addresses from Fulcrum Conference Islington, 12 April 2008
Tom Wright, ‘Conflict and Covenant in the Bible

Andrew Goddard, ‘Conflict and Covenant in the Communion’.

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  1. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    Tom Wright has great confidence in Rowan Williams. I hope that he won’t be disappointed.  Beginning Lambeth with a retreat is a fine idea, but prayer, Scripture and guidance from the Archbishop of Canterbury will not prevent agenda-driven activities that will result in the conference accomplishing nothing. The ABC understands this and hopes to prevent it through carefully considered invitations. I hope his efforts work.

    I’d like to see Tom Wright discuss the unity of the Body of Christ in terms of the Pleroma.