Deepening of partnership between the Diocese of Egypt and the Diocese of Singapore

Archbishop Mouneer Anis and Dean Kuan Kim Seng signing the MOU between the Cathedrals, with Archbishop John Chew looking on. It is a sealing of a warm friendship between the two Diocese and Province.

A historic Memorandum of Understanding between St. Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore and All Saints' Cathedral, Cairo, Egypt with St. Mark's Pro-Cathedral, Alexandria, Egypt was signed on the 1st of August 2009 in Singapore in order to set the pace for cooperation and partnership in a "Twinning Companionship."  The Most Revd Dr Mouneer Anis, the President Bishop of Jerusalem & the Middle East & the Bishop in Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, was present to sign the documents.  He was visiting as the invited Retreat Speaker at the Extra-ordinary Synod of the Province of South East Asia at Kuala Terengganu, West Malaysia called for the election of its new Primate and Archbishop, July 28 to 29, 2009. 

Earlier in March this year while the Communion Primates’ Meeting was in progress, St Mark’s Church, Alexandria, Egypt, was dedicated as Pro-Cathedral.  Her first Dean, the Very Revd Dr Samy Shehata, was also inducted at the Dedication Service. There, Abp Mouneer announced the official twinning of the Cathedrals.  The Associate Vicar of the Cathedral, the Revd Canon D Louis Tay, representing the Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral, presented a memento featuring the façade of the Cathedral to the new Dean of St Mark’s Pro-Cathedral.  It was a historic solemn and joyous moment for two Dioceses. The window into the riches of two most ancient civilizations in the world is now linked through the two most vital waterways of the world, Suez Canal and the Malaccan Straits. It is a relationship of historic significance and strategic importance.

Canon Louis Tay, the Asscociate Vicar of the Catehdral receiving a memento from Archbishop Mouneer Anis.


The Diocese of Singapore and The Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, who are already "Companion Dioceses" within the Anglican Communion, saw this step as one way to further strengthen a growing holistic missional partnership. At the meeting, various areas of cooperation were discussed including medical work, theological development, co-mission projects, inter-faith initiatives, youth work and leadership exchange. A second MOU was signed between The Harper Memorial Hospital and The Harper Community Services at Sadat City with the Singapore Anglican Community Services and the St Andrew’s Community Hospital to share, exchange and mutually encourage the holistic witness of the church in their respective communities. 

While in Singapore, Archbishop Mouneer Anis visited the community hospitals and parishes. He also delivered a public address on “The Challenges to the Faith and Witness of the North African Church and Lessons for the Contemporary Church”.  He also visited St Peter’s Hall, the Anglican resident Training Hall at Trinity Theological College, and met up with participants at the Anglican Senior Clergy Sabbatical programme and post graduate students at the College.  He also paid courtesy calls on the Minister of Community, Youth and Sports, the Mufti of Singapore, and met up with the Ambassadors of Egypt and Ireland to Singapore. 

Archbishop Mouneer preaching at St Andrew's Cathedral on 26th July 2009

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