Evaluation of the latest hapenings at Tanzania (16 February) and some editorial comments

The Communion Sub-Group has released their findings. The Primates who will have to make a decision, bearing in mind that the Windsor Process was set up to ‘heal the tear in the fabric’ of the Communion. We can have every trust in the Primates to make a right one. I wont name them here, but those who have been privileged to know some of them up close will know that they are godly, wise and astute in their judgment and leadership. Their commitment to orthodoxy and what is best for the Church is unquestioned. Up till now, we should notice that none has made their opinions known in public, safe for this outcry from ++Hutchinson (Canada). If I can say it respectfully, to throw the issue of poverty (or any other ills for the matter) into the discussion is strange indeed. The Primates are still deliberating and the best kind of work are often done quietly. Let’s keep on praying. I believe it is not about which side is losing or winning. It is about coming out of this mess a stronger, biblical and more orthodox Anglican Communion, a hope which many of us share.  - TW

Other analysis, responses and comments on the report can be found here:

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Ruth Gledhill: TEC ‘regret’ ok, says Gang of Four.

From Sarah Hey (Standing Firm): Victories & Defeats on the Fields of “Process” (A helpful analysis but *sigh* - when will we stop categorising the Primates? I find that misleading and unhelpful as there is a deeper unifying thread running through some of our Primates, upholding and working towards a stronger Communion. - TW
From UK Guardian: Anglican leaders avoid church split over homosexuals (This piece I think is inaccurate and pre-mature. - TW)

Canon Kendall has this to say, over at Titus One Nine:
“How can a province which supposedly complies with the calls of the Windsor Report have, since General Convention 2006, more dioceses than ever allowing for the blessing of same sex unions and more dioceses than ever nominating people for bishop who are in non-celibate same gender relationships? The Windsor called a halt to both of these until and unless a new consensus emerges, but instead of stopping, is not the Episcopal Church still moving even further apart?” Indeed - TW

ENS’ Matthew Davies: Primates engage in ‘intense listening,’ discuss Windsor response.

And some nice photos here from ACNS

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  1. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    Your editorial comment is helpful, TW. The Holy Spirit works behind the scene, unphotographed. Many continue to pray, confident that our Lord will build and defend His Church.

  2. Todd Granger Says:

    TW, I agree with Alice Linsley.  A very helpful analysis and call to prayer when one could otherwise despair.