Half Empty? Half Full? Too Little? Too Late? - by Andrew Goddard

Andrew Goddard’s analysis on the New Orleans response of the Episcopal House of Bishops.

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  1. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:


    Thank you for your kind words.

    I respect Global South and I must respect the fact that they do no want me to add links to statements I make. I did this to show the bigger picture that the Church and Godly people the Evil that we are fighting world-wide and where that Evil is coming from-Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Feminism, Political Correctness(lies, untruths).

    Yes, as this article points out the “truth” is only half Empy, half full, but not too little, nor too late to reform back to God’s Laws and Commandments, after a final split from the apostate TEC, Church of England, etc. and begin the new reformation with all the cards on the table—in order to keep the Church from splitting again in future years, the issue of Female Bishops, Preacher, Pastors, must be addressed and finalized.

    The word ‘Consensus’ keep showing its ugly head at times when I read articles and commentaries posted by Bishops throughout the Blogoshere.

    con·sen·sus –noun, plural -sus·es. 1. majority of opinion: The consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month. 
    2. general agreement or concord; harmony. 

    So, this is where we are now when it come to ordination of women and homosexuals?

    Until there is a majority consensus in favor of ordination of women and homosexuals, Churches will hold-off, wait, for their ordinations.

    At one time the consensus was that the world was flat, and a majority believed it.

    At one time the consensus was that the Sun revolved around the Earth, and a majority believed it.

    Now, a UnGodly people wait for a consensus for the ordination of Female and Homosexual, Bishops, Preachers, Pastors, Lay, Clergy in God’s Churches.

    OH, how God must be crying-Man has made himself head of the Church. Man has built himself a temple to the heavens with brick-that we may get “us” a name (Genesis 11).

    For those that do not hate God’s Words, Laws, and Commandments, for those that do not won’t to get “us” a name-hear God’s Laws and Commandments when he commands(for my words are pure):

    1 Timothy 3
    2 He setteth out Bishops, 8 and Christian deacons with their wives, 12 children and family, 15 he calleth the Church the house of God.

    1 This (1) is a true saying, (2) (*) If any man (a) (♣) desire the office of a (♠) Bishop, he desireth (♦) a worthy work.
    (1) Having dispatched the treatise, as well of doctrine and of the manner of handling of it, as also of public prayer, he now in the third place cometh to the persons themselves, speaking first of Pastors, and afterwards of Deacons, and he useth a preface, that the Church may know that these be certain and sure rulers. (2) A Bishoprick or the ministry of the word is not an idle dignity, but a work, and that an excellent work; and therefore a Bishop must be furnished with many virtues both at home and abroad. Wherefore it is requisite before he be chosen, to examine well his learning, his gifts, and ableness, and his life.
    (*) Titus 2:6 . (a) He speaketh not here of ambitious seeking, then the which there cannot be a worse fault in the Church, but generally of the mind, and disposition of man, framed and disposed to help and edify the Church of God, when and wheresoever it shall please the Lord.
    (♣) With a fervent zeal to profit the Church of God, wheresoever he shall call him.
    (♠) Whether he be Pastor or Elder.
    (♦) Both for the difficulty of the charge and also the excellency thereof and the necessity of the same.

    2 (*) A Bishop therefore must be unreproveable, the husband of (♣) one (b) wife, watching, sober, modest, harberous, apt to teach,
    (*) Titus 2:6 .
    (♣) For in those countries at that time some men had more than one, which was a sign of incontinency.
    (b) Therefore he that shutteth out married men from the office of Bishops, only because they are married, is Antichrist.

    3 Not (c) given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre, but gentle, no fighter, not covetous,
    (c) A common tippler, and one that will sit by it.

    4 One that can rule his own house honestly, having children under obedience with all (*) honesty.
    (*) Or, reverence.

    5 For if any cannot rule his own house, how shall he (*) care for the Church of God?
    (*) If it be requisite that a man should take care in governing his own house, how much more are they bound to be careful which shall govern the Church of God?

    6 He may not be a young (*) scholar, lest he being puffed up fall into the (d) (♣) condemnation of the devil.
    (*) In the doctrine of faith.
    (d) Lest by reason that he is advanced to that degree, he takes occasion to be proud, which will undo him, and so he fall into the same condemnation that the devil himself is fallen into.
    (♣) Lest being proud of his degree he be likewise condemned as the devil was for lifting up himself by pride.

    7 He must also be well reported of, even of them which are (*) without, lest he fall into (♣) rebuke, and the snare of the devil.
    (*) That is, no man may have anything justly to lay to his charge.
    (♣) As being defamed, should become impudent, and do much harm.

    8 (3) Likewise must (e) Deacons be (*) grave, not double tongued, not given unto much wine, neither to filthy lucre,
    (3) Likewise the Deacons must first be proved that there may be a good trial of their honesty, truth, sobriety, mind, void of covetousness, that they are well instructed in the doctrine of faith, and to be short, of their good conscience and integrity. (e) These are they that had to see to he poor.
    t(*) Or, honest, dignified, honorable.

    9 (*) (♣) Having the (f) mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.
    (*) 1 Timothy 1:19 .
    (♣) Having the true doctrine of the Gospel, and the fear of God.
    (f) The doctrine of the Gospel, which is a mystery indeed; for flesh and blood do not reveal it.

    10 And let them first be proved; then let them minister, if they be found blameless.

    11 (4) Likewise their (*) wives must be honest, not evil speakers, but sober, and faithful in all things.
    (4) Regard must be had also to te Pastor’s and Deacon’s wives.
    h(*) Or the Bishops and Deacons.

    A Bishop must be the husband of “one wife”, not the husband or partner of one man. A man must not lieth with man as he lieth with a woman; it is abomination.

    One that can rule “his” own house honestly, “having children”-how can two men have children.

    Likewise their (*) wives must be honest—Bishops “wives”, it doesn’t say men or partners.

    This clearly shows that Bishops must be men, and that these men must have wives-not homosexual relationships. Men must have wives-God is clear.

    There were no priestesses in the Christian religion.

    Any priests ordained by so-called women bishops will not be priests themselves.

    Titus 1

    5 For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest continue to redress the things that remain, and shouldest ordain Elders in every city, as I appointed thee;
    6 If any be unreproveable, the husband of one wife, having faithful children, which are not slandered of riot, neither are disobedient.
    7 For a Bishop must be unreproveable, as God’s steward, not froward, not angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre,
    8 But harberous, one that loveth goodness, wise, righteous, holy, temperate,
    9 Holding fast the faithful word according to doctrine, that he also may be able to exhort with wholesome doctrine, and convince them that say against it.

    “the husband(man) of one wife”

    Let those Bishops who do not love the word of God go their own way-let them be the head of the Church. Let them build a towel to heaven.

    In the end, the Church will either declare the truth of God’s Word, or find a way to run away from it. It really comes down to trust. Do we trust the Bible to tell us truthfully what God desires and commands-will we obey God’s Word, Laws, Commandments, or will we adhere to man’s consensus?

  2. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    Recently—the call came from Primus Idris Jones, of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and Archbishop Carlos Touche-Porter of Mexicoat a conference in Manchester Cathedral to promote “inclusive theology”. [in other words, sexual immorality, whoremongers, in the Churches of God]

    These so-called Bishops need to be removed:

    13 I am (*) Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
    (*) Revelation 1:8; Revelation 21:6; Isaiah 44:6; Isaiah 41:4 .
    14 Blessed are they, that do his Commandments, (7) that their right may be in the (*) tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the City.
    (7) The blessedness of the godly set down by their title and interest thereunto; and their fruit in the same.
    (*) They shall live eternally with the Son of God.
    15 For without shall be dogs and enchanters, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth or maketh (*) lies.
    (*) That maintain false doctrine and delight therein.

    It is time to chose which side Bishops of the World-do you walk with God, or do you walk with Satan.

  3. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    The American House of Bishops, TEC, Church of England, Primus Idris Jones, of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and Archbishop Carlos Touche-Porter of Mexicoat, and other European, and perverted Bishops are saying to go with them, accept perversions within the Church, accept perverted lifestyles, accept all as members of the Church in the name of Diversity.

    What did God Command, something we must do? God said, ...be ye followers…, be ye followers…, that is his commandment. In:

    Ephesians 5:1 “Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children,”. Have you ever seen children mimic you or someone. God has demanded that you imitate, mimic, pattern, example him like a beloved child.

    1 Chorinthians 4:15,16
    15 For though ye have ten thousand (*) instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the Gospel.
    (*) Or, pedagogues and schoolmasters.
    16 Wherefore, I pray you, be ye followers of me.

    Leaders of the Church-God commands that “be ye followers”. You are to adhere to the Words, Laws, and Commandments of God.

    1 Chorinthians 11:1
    1 Be (*) ye followers of me, even as I am of Christ.

    Paul demands that we be ye follower of him as he is of Christ. God is the head of the Church. We are to abide by his Words, Laws, and Commandments.

    1 Thessalonians 1:6,7,8,9
    6 (4) And ye became followers of us, and of the Lord, and received the word in much affliction, with (c) (*) joy of the holy Ghost,
    (4) Another reason, because even to that day, they embraced the Gospel with great cheerfulness, insomuch that they were an example to all their neighbors; so that it should be more shame to them to faint in the mid-race. (c) With joy which cometh from the holy Ghost.
    (*) To believe, and to be fully persuaded to have the gifts of the holy Ghost, and joyfully to suffer for Christ’s sake, are most certain signs of our election.
    7 So that ye were as (*) examples to all that believe in Macedonia and in Achaia.
    (*) Or, patterns.
    8 For from you sounded out the word of the Lord, not in Macedonia and in Achaia only, but your faith also which is toward God, spread abroad in all quarters, that we need not to speak anything.
    9 For (d) (*) they themselves shew of us what manner of entering in we had unto you, (5) and how ye turned to God from idols, to serve the (♣) living and true God,
    (d) All the believers.
    (*) To wit, all the faithful. (5) It is no true conversion to forsake idols, unless a man therewithal worship the true and living God in Christ the only redeemer.
    (♣) For idols are dead things and only feigned fantasies.

    And ye became followers of us, and of the Lord, and received the word in much affliction, with (c) (*) joy of the holy Ghost,

    ye became followers…of the Lord and recieved the word…with joy of the holy Ghost,...

    1 Thessalonians 2:13,14
    13 (11) For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, that when ye received the word of God, which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is indeed the word of God, which also worketh in you that believe.
    (11) Having approved his ministry, he commendeth again (to that end and purpose that I spake of) the cheerfulness of the Thessalonians, which was answerable to his diligence in preaching, and their manly patience.
    14 (12) For brethren, ye are become followers of the Churches of God, which in Judea are in (g) (*) Christ Jesus, because ye have also suffered the same things of your own (h) countrymen, even as they have of the Jews,
    (12) He confirmeth them in their afflictions which they suffered of their own people, because they were afflicted of their own countrymen; which came as well (saith he) to the Churches of the Jews, as to them; and therefore they ought to take it in good part. (g) Which Christ hath gathered together.
    (*) In his Name and under his protection. (h) Even of them which are of the same country, and the same town that you are of.

    ...ye are become followers of the Churches of God…

    Hebrews 6:10,12
    10 (5) For God is not unrighteous, that he should forget your work, and labor of love, which ye shewed toward his Name, in that ye have ministered unto the Saints, and yet minister.
    (5) He praiseth them for their charity, thereby encouraging them to go forward, and to hold out to the end.
    11 And we desire that every one of you shew the same diligence, to the (*) full assurance of hope unto the end,
    (*) Whereby it may appear, that you are fully persuaded of life everlasting.
    12 (6) That ye be not slothful, but followers of (*) them, which through faith and patience, inherit the promises.
    (6) He sheweth what virtues chiefly they have need of to go forward constantly, and also to profit, to wit, of charity, and patience; and lest any man should object and say, that these things are impossible to be done, he willeth them to set before themselves the examples of their ancestors, and to follow them.
    (*) As the holy fathers, Prophets and martyrs, that were before us.

    ...ye be not slothful, but followers of them, which through faith and patience, inherit the promises…

    1 Peter 3:13-15
    13 (14) And who is it that will harm you, if ye follow that which is good?
    (14) The second argument: when the wicked are provoked, they are more wayward; therefore they must rather be overcome with good turns; And if they cannot be gotten by that means also, yet notwithstanding we shall be blessed, if we suffer for righteousness’ sake.
    14 (*) Notwithstanding blessed are ye, if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake. (15) Yea, (♣) (♠) fear not their (k) fear, neither be troubled.
    (*) Matthew 5:10 .
    (15) A most certain counsel in afflictions, be they never so terrible, to be of a constant mind, and to stand fast. But how shall we attain unto it? If we sanctify God in our minds and hearts, that is to say, if we rest upon him, as one that is Almighty, that loveth mankind, that is good and true indeed.
    (♣) Isaiah 8:12-13 .
    (♠) That is, when they think to make you afraid by their threatenings. (k) Be not dismayed as they are.
    15 But (l) sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, (16) and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and reverence,
    (l) Give him all praise and glory, and hang only on him. (16) He will have us when we are afflicted for righteousness’ sake, to be careful not for redeeming of our life, either with denying, or renouncing the truth, or with like violence, or any such means; but rather to give an account of our faith boldly, and yet with a meek spirit, and full to godly reverence, that the enemies may not have anything justly to object, but may rather be ashamed of themselves.

    And who is it that will harm you, if “ye follow” that which is good?

    1 Peter 3:16,17 (*) Having a good conscience, that when they speak evil of you as of evil doers, they may be ashamed, which slander your good conversation in Christ.
    (*) 1 Peter 2:12 .
    17 (17) For it is better (if the will of God be so) that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing.

    Who do ye follow this day forward?

  4. Father Ron Smith Says:

    So this is the Gospel of Gary? A series of URLs and a pot-pouri of assorted proof texts? Perhaps they ought to be collected in (another) Book and carried in the Gospel Procession of the Global South Church of the Sinless.

    A little basic theology can be a very dangerous thing in the hands of a zealot. But firstly, one needs to be humble enough to believe that the Holy Spirit is still working in the Church, bringing liberation from past errors - and did not stop working with the publication of the king James version of the Bible.

    When Jesus said that “not one jot nor tittle of the Law would be taken away”, he also said that He had conme to fulfil the Law - something no-one else could possibly have done. In the sense that the word ‘fulfilment’ means to have ‘completed’ the Law’s requirement - that is what Jesus has already done.

    What Jesus has also done, as the ‘Lamb of God’,  was to “Take away the sin of the (whole) world” (the ‘Agnus Dei’ of the Mass) - again, something no-one else could have done - in his ‘sacrifice of himself once offered - perfect and sufficient oblation and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world’ - words of Prayer Book liturgy.
    ‘Satisfaction, Justification’ - already achieved!
    To avail ourselves of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic celebration is our opportunity to be cleansed from our sins - whatever they are. Only Christ has the power to do this. The Church, the Body of Christ, is the place where sinners present themselves to be cleansed of their sins by the Living God - This is the Gospel.

    This is ther gift of God entrusted to the Church -the forgiveness of our sins: “Whosesoever sins you remit, they are remitted; whosesoever sins you retain, they are retained” these words of the Churches’ Liturgy are the supreme example of what God desires of his Churches’ Ministers.

    The forgiveness of God - though underserved by anyone living - is Christ’s gift to his children through the agency of Christ’s Body, the Church.
    The Church is not the judge - that is God’s prerogative.

    Christ’s prayer for unity must not be undercut by those who would separate themselves from the Body on account of their lust for self-rightousness.
    Jesus words in the Gospel: “There is One Alone who is good”  - no less than God, Himself.

  5. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    Matthew 28:

    18 And Jesus came, and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me, in heaven, and in earth.
    19 Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the holy Ghost,
    20 Teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you alway, until the end of the world, Amen.

    Poor Smith, he thinks the Bible was written for the Elites to interpret. Nope, it was written in 6th Grade English for all God’s Children.

    God Commanded that all “Go therefore, and teach, ...teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you.”

    Smith, you fail to teach all things(God’s Word, Laws, and Commandments)...so Disciples (Christianity), the followers of Jesus Christ, must do share the truth to circumvent your false teaching of doctrine.

    Preaching and teaching is not confined to Bishops, Pastors, preachers, etc.

    God Commanded that ““everyone”” who teaches true doctrine( to observe all things)to Go and teach his Words, Laws, and Commandments. You see, Smith, Gay Christian is an oxymoron—you can’t live in a lifesyle of sin, and be a Christian at the same time…that is Ron Smithian false doctrine.

    Christians on this site know that you teach false doctrine, so please keep posting so that people can see how Satan works through people.

  6. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Hear the Gospel of Christ! (Matthew 11"25-30) -

    Jesus excalimed, ‘I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and clever and revealing them to mere children. Yes, Father, for that is what it pleased you to do.

    Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father; and no one knows the Son except the Father, just as no one knows the Father except the Son - and those to whom the Son CHOOSES to reveal him.

    Come to me, all you who are overburdened and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke and LEARN from me, for I am gentle and HUMBLE in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Yes, my yoke is easy and my burden light’.

    This is the Gospel of the Lord. Thanks be to God!