Editorial Comments (15.08.08): Our apology

In view of today’s letter from Deborah Pitt in the Times,  we unreservedly apologise for the remarks we made in our last issue of Editorial Comments that might be considered unfair or inaccurate. 

We have also made some necessary changes to the article in question.

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  1. Deborah Pitt Says:

    Hello, Global South Anglican.
    Since learning just last week that I had been put on Google (help!) I have done some trawling and have come up with the above reference to an editorial comment, but know nothing about the editorial in question or to the article alluded to.
    The most I know is that the Global South considered the release of the Williams letters a ‘low blow’, which left me feeling mortified especially as I support GAFCON very much. It seems my letter of 15 Aug 08 did something to modify your opinion? I do hope so. But I would really like to know what you said! I don’t like criticism, who does, but I would be very concerned if I thought that I had offended the Lord by what I did. So feedback is helpful, especially to do with this issue, which has ‘grown like Topsy’ and to judge by the blog and other correspodence/publications is extremely complicated so as to be impossible (for me anyway) to know all the ramifications or predict the outcome.
    I continue to bring all aspects before the Lord and any feedback, neg.or pos. is helpful overall.

    Please would someone enlighten me? I will be glad to flesh out the available information as to why I acted as I did. I have indeed written to Dr. Wright and the other 18 bishops so doing.

    Yours sincerely in Christ

    Debbie Pitt

  2. Editorial Says:

    Dear Deborah

    Greetings. Just to clarify:

    You said, “Global South considered the release of the Williams letters a low blow”. This was only true, if by ‘Global South’ you mean the website. Even then, the views were expressed under ‘Editorial Comments’, and is was that and nothing more. It was not an official public statement from the Global South Leadership.

    That is was considered a ‘low blow’ is a view originally expressed by quite a few (e.g. the 19 UK bishops hinted something to the effect). It has to do with the timing and manner of the release of the news. As more light was shed on how the letters came to be published, the Editors on this site felt that an apology is in keeping.

    Yours in Christ

    Terry Wong