Issues on the new American Province, inside or outside strategy etc

There is an on-going discussion on the formation of a new Province in USA, anticipating an announcement or launched on 3rd Dec (ACN).

A New “Province” in North America: Neither the Only Nor the Right Answer for the Communion - Ephraim Radner

A response to Ephraim by Rev Robert Munday

For more discusisons on the new ‘Province’, head over to Standing Firm here

For a reflection on parallel in the UK and Us situation, read ‘Allusions and Illusions: Advent Reflections by Graham Kings. And also The Restoration of Evangelicalism: Differences without Division.

Report by Church Times: Province plan to be unveiled Next Week

Charles Alley: Anglican Conservatives – Different Strategies or Different Goals?

Also, an earlier article by former Archbishop, Maurice Sinclair is worth noting: Why support an Anglican Province of North America in process of formation?

Ed notes: It should be obvious that various approaches are necessary and evangelicals should honor and support each other. The Jerusalem Declaration is a helpful document (as already mentioned by some Primates) and should be supported. Likewise the work on the Covenant etc. If we are able to embraced all the various strategies and recognise them for the part they play in serving Anglican diversity worldwide (within orthodox limits), we will be serving the Church a lot better. Debates and discussion are still necessary to clarify our thinking but not at the expense of our bonds in Christ.

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  1. Dr. Paula Says:

    Where is the response by Rev. Munday to Ephraim Radner’s narrowly-centered comment?  Both links—for Dr. Radner and the response—lead to Dr. Radner.  In other words, all of these comments are basically hostile to the new province that many feel IS the only realistic hope of preserving orthodox Anglican Christianity in North America.  I hope you will give better representation to the longsuffering people who are agonizing, along with their children, in apostate dioceses in the US (that is, about 85 percent of the dioceses).  How long can they hold on, and how long should they, before they will simply have to go to an entirely different faith tradition that does not implicate them in wrong doctrine and even wrongdoing (as in the case of abortion policy)?

  2. Dr. Paula Says:

    Please correct the link to Rev. Munday’s article so that we can see it.  The link only leads to Rev. Radner for a second time; it does not give us Rev. Munday.

  3. Editorial Says:

    The wrong link has been corrected -Ed

  4. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Says:

    The Church is a fellowship and worship place for like minded persons/Christians sharing the same faith. They further need to be witnesses of that faith and the Lord.

    If the concept of the Lordship of Jesus and interpretation of the Scripture in the AC stands changed in so many ways, it is the right direction which the emergence of the new “Province” shows to that part of the Church which respects the Word of God.

    I feel it is time to stand firm on issues of faith even if they are at the cost of the historic “Glorious AC” of the past era.