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  1. Harry Says:

    We had been led down “the path to Tanzania” thinking something of substance would come of it—something to benefit orthodox Episcopalians in the United States who have been marginalized and disenfrancished by hostile bishops (just try to get an orthodox priest approved as rector in the Diocese of Indianapolis).  Those who preach inclusion have systematically excluded those who remain faithful to basic Christian beliefs.

    But the assessment of ECUSA’s response to the Windsor Report is flagrantly flawed, bringing to focus the deceptiveness of Anglican politics.  It also warns us against believing an Anglican Covenant could be of any benefit.  And it reveals the liberal bias that Rowan Williams has done so well to hide over the past year; the Archbishop is exactly who/what we thought he was. 

    It’s time for orthodox believers to leave the Anglican Communion (the Episcopal bishops have been trying to push us out their doors for decades) and proclaim the true faith free from the blighted reputation of heretical leaders.  Instead of “apostalic” succession, let the world know it’s an “apostate” succession.  Lord help us all.