Life After Lambeth - Andrew Goddard

There is little doubt that, after this summer and GAFCON and then the Lambeth Conference, we are entering a new phase in the life of the Anglican Communion where serious fresh thought needs to be given as to where we are and where we wish to go. Another marker, perhaps, of being at something of a watershed is that it is five years ago this month that Archbishop Rowan Williams re-convened the Primates of the Communion for an Emergency Primates’ Meeting at Lambeth Palace….

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  1. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Says:

    The life and “Mission” of the faithful shall never be the same after the wonderful event of GAFCON. The challenges being faced and yet to come, are meant to be met.

    On the other hand the situation in which Lambeth was held has provided new thoughts to all concerned, hopefully to bring better results by providing “serous thinking” for those at the helm of affairs.