Primates & Archbishops - for your info and prayer

Info and photos of Archbishops/Primates who were at the Red Sea Third Encounter, October 2005. Posting is upon requests by some for info and prayer purposes. There are more information on other sites like ACNS. This list is not complete and may be updated with latest info.

Fidele DIROKPA, Congo

Peter J.AKINOLA, Nigeria

Drexel GOMEZ, West Indies

Emmanuel KOLINI, Rwanda

Bernard MALANGO, Central Africa

Joseph MARONA, Sudan

Donald MTETEMELA, Tanzania

Benjamin NZIMBI, Kenya

Henry OROMBI, Church of Uganda

Justice O.AKROFI, West Africa

Clive HANDFORD, Jerusalem & M-East

Bernard NTAHOTURI, Burundi

Peter SUGANDHAR, Church of South India

Gregory VENABLES, Southern Cone

John CHEW, Southeast Asia

Ignacio C. SOLIBA, Philippines

Rémi Joseph RABENIRINA (Retired), Indian Ocean

Yong Ping Chung (Retired), Southeast Asia

Mouneer Hanna ANIS, Diocese of Egypt (Bishop)

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