Primates Elect New Standing Committee Members and Alternates

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Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected Feb. 19 to represent the Americas on the primates’ standing committee, an interim body that meets in conjunction with the Anglican Consultative Council standing committee. In the past, the primates’ standing committee has served as a council of advice for the Archbishop of Canterbury and also helps to shape the agenda of the primates’ meetings.

The 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion are grouped together into five regional districts, and each district elects its own candidate.

Other elected regional representatives are: The Most Rev. Phillip Aspinall, Primate of Australia and Archbishop of Brisbane, representing East Asia and Oceana; the Most Rev. Mouneer Anis, Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and in the Middle East and Bishop of Egypt, representing West Asia and the Middle East; the Most Rev. Henry Orombi, Primate of Uganda and Archbishop of Kampala, representing the African churches; and the Most Rev. Barry Morgan, Primate of Wales and Bishop of Llandaff representing Europe.

For the first time a slate of alternates was also elected by the primates on their final day of the Feb. 14-19 meeting at a hotel near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The seat for the Americas has been vacant since last year, when the Primate of Brazil, the Most Rev. Orlando de Oliveira was not re-elected. His successor as Primate of Brazil, the Most Rev. Mauricio Andrade, does not have the right of succession. Asia’s seat also has been vacant due to the retirement of Hong Kong Archbishop Peter Kwong, while the West Asian seat held by former Moderator of the Church of North India, the Rt. Rev. Z. James Terom, has been vacant since he stepped down.

The Most Rev. Justice Akrofi, Primate of West Africa, is the alternate for Africa; the Most Rev. Carlos Touche-Porter, Primate of Mexico, is the alternate for the Americas; the Most Rev. John Chew, Primate of Southeast Asia, was elected alternate for East Asia and Oceana; the Most Rev. Idris Jones, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, is the alternate for Europe; and the Rt. Rev. Alexander Malik, Moderator of the Church of Pakistan, is the alternate for West Asia.

(The Rev.) George Conger

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