Response to Kigali Meeting & the Communiqué

Response to Kigali Communiqué and Meeting Read the responses of commenters at Titusonenine here and the round up of Kigali here AAC response to Kigali Communique Anglican Communion Network responds  Anglican Network in Canada responds Episcopal News Service’s (ENS) response and a follow up story here George Conger at the Living Church, with additional detail on attendance etc in Global South Coalition: Time for Alternative U.S. Church Structure Ruth Gledhill at Times Online: Anti-gay bishops vote to split the evangelical church in two

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  1. t19elves Says:

    Perhaps a better link for the Titusonenine post and comments about the Communique is this:

    (Your link above is specifically for Stephen Noll’s comment which is quite far down the thread)

    Also, we have posted a roundup of links to early news stories and noted some of the early blog commentary (see the comments) here:

    ENS has a followup story with extensive commentary from a “via media” leader in the US here:

    Thank you for your fabulous work on getting all these statements out.

    —the titusonenine elves

  2. Editorial Says:

    Have updated. Thanks