Scriptures for the Beijing Olympic Games

1.  Scriptures for the Beijing Olympic Games

At 8.08 pm today (8 August 2008), the Beijing Olympic Games will be officially opened.  More than 100 heads of state and national leaders, 92,000 spectators, and an estimated four billion people watching on TV worldwide, will enjoy a spectacular show put up by 20,000 performers and the march of the world’s best athletes.  We rejoice with China as it hosts the Olympic Games, and pray for a successful and safe Olympic.   

We thank God for the distribution of the Holy Scriptures during the Games (see attached news release by UBS):

a.  100,000 copies of the special Beijing Olympic edition of Chinese-English Four Gospel (Today’s Chinese Version and Good News Translation).
b.  30,000 copies of the Chinese-English New Testament (Studium Biblicum Version and New Revised Standard Version).
c.  10,000 copies of the Chinese-English Bible (Chinese Union Version and English Standard Version).  See also press release by Crossway: [url=][/url].

The Bible, what was once a banned and prohibited religious book in China (during the Cultural Revolution), is now officially approved by the authorities for distribution at the Beijing Olympic.  We thank God for this amazing answer to prayers. 

Pray for the distribution of the Holy Scriptures during the Olympic Games – that many will be reached and touched by the Word of God and receive the prize which will last forever (1 Corinthians 9: 25). 

2.  “God’s Word Gives Me Strength To Live”

One of those who have been touched by the Word of God is Ms Liu Yali, a member of the China national women’s soccer team.  Yali came to faith after experiencing peace through prayer and the reading of the Bible.  She found that every word in the Bible was speaking to her personally.  She said, “God’s Word gives me strength to live.”  Read her testimony at [url=][/url].

3.  Training of Bible Scholars for China (see attached news release by UBS)
With the explosive growth of the Church in China, there is a great need for good Bible teaching and Bible teachers.  In order to raise up well trained Bible teachers, the Church in China sent two Bible teachers for post-graduate Biblical studies – one in New Testament and the other in Old Testament.  Both of them completed their Master of Theological Studies at Trinity Theological College in Singapore and continued their PhD studies at Durham University in the UK. 

Dr Shi Wenhua successfully defended her thesis and graduated in June 2008.  Ms Hu Huiping is working on the final draft of her thesis and she hopes to complete her studies by the end of this year.  Both of them will return to China to serve the Church and to contribute to Bible teaching and Bible translation work. 

We thank God for the faithful support of Bible Societies’ donors, which has enabled us to provide scholarship to Wenhua and Huiping for their years of studies.  We thank God for Wenhua’s and Huiping’s commitment and perseverance in their studies and research.  Pray for Wenhua as she returns to China and begins her ministry.  Pray for Huiping as she works on the final draft of her thesis and defends it.

Yours, together in His Service,

Kua Wee Seng
Coordinator, China Partnership
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  1. Jayr Pascua Says:

    great thanks for sharing those info and facts. this article was really good. 😊

  2. iva Says:

    The 08:08 PM @ 8/8/2008 : seems to be relating with superstition that turns Chinese people’s faith. i heard its something related with wealth.