Sitting at the Lord’s Table - Primates explain absence

Primates explain absence at Holy Eucharist

A number of the Global South Primates have not shared in the Holy Eucharist today with their fellow primates. They include Abp. Peter Akinola, Abp John Chew, Abp. Benjamin Nzimbi, Abp Justice Akrofi, Abp. Henry Orombi, Abp. Gregory Venables, and Abp. Emmanuel Kolini. They represent more than 30 million faithful Anglicans. They have released this statement:

“We each take the celebration of the Holy Eucharist very seriously. This deliberate action is a poignant reminder of the brokenness of the Anglican Communion. It makes clear that the torn fabric of the Church has been torn further. It is a consequence of the decision taken by our provinces to declare that our relationship with The Episcopal Church is either broken or severely impaired.

Scripture teaches that before coming to sit with one another at the Lord’s Table we must be reconciled. (Matthew 5:23-26 and 1 Corinthians 11:27-29) We have made repeated calls for repentance by The Episcopal Church and its leadership with no success. We continue to pray for a change of heart.

We are unable to come to the Holy Table with the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church because to do so would be a violation of Scriptural teaching and the traditional Anglican understanding, “Ye that do truly and earnestly repent you of your sins, and are in love and charity with your neighbours, and intend to lead a new life, following the commandments of God, and walking from henceforth in his holy ways; Draw near with faith…” (Book of Common Prayer)

This is a painful decision for us and also for our host and brother, the Most Rev’d Donald Mtetemela. He understands our painful dilemma and accepts our decision. Pray for the Church.”

Friday, February 16, 2007
White Sands Hotel, Jangwani Beach, Tanzania

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  1. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    It takes great courage to act consistent with one’s convictions in the face of great pressure to conform to the ways of the world. The Primates who refused to receive Communion have acted with true spiritual authority. They will be the future leaders of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. We can bet on it because God promises to build and defend HIS church. HE is pruning, and apparently there is more dead wood than any of us had imagined, but now their true colors are revealed. Do not give up hope! If you worship at a church that is connected to a godly bishop,  all is well.

  2. Fred Buettner Says:

    Even though I am a Roman Catholic, I am appalled by the fact that bishops (of all people, BISHOPS)would refuse to participate in the Eucharist with a fellow bishop.  Jesus told his disciples to “Take and eat,” “Take and drink.”  He didn’t add of “if you agree with one another.”  The Eucharist is what makes Christians a community in our belief.

  3. Sold Out For Jesus Says:

    These 7 primates declared 18 months ago that their Provinces were not in communon with The Episcopal Church. They have not changed their position, and The Episcopal Church has not given them reason to change their position, since TEC has not repented of its many sins.

  4. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    If you are addressing that to me, Weiwen Ng, I can assure you that I have no respect for The Episcopal Church. I still do pray for my former bishop that God will have mercy on his soul. I also pray for the orthodox who are suffering under the intolerant TEC leadership. As a former ECUSA clergy woman, my last day as a priest was the day Gene Robinson was consecrated in November 2003. I haven’t looked back and I have no regrets.

  5. Javier Garcia Says:

    Blessings from Chile.  These acts are important.  I agree with the comments. I encourage Alice to preach the gospel. The ordanations day of Gene Robinson is a back day for the communion. I pray from my brothers ¡anglican evangelicals in USA!