The coming religious peace

An informative article which is relevant to the on-going interfaith work.

“...Human beings have never lacked for things to fight over, but for the last two millennia, they have fought the most over ideas involving the divine. Politics, technology, military capacity, and diseases have all played decisive roles in shaping history, yet it is impossible to understand the rise and fall of empires, the clash of civilizations, and the evolving balance of power without appreciating the unique fervor that religion inspires, and the speed with which new religions can spread…”

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  1. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Says:

    A Non-Religious Christian.

    I admit being a non-religious Christian, yet an orthodox and believing Christian striving for winning this race in my body on the invitation of the Lord and His work of redemption under the guidance of His Holy Spirit according to the Scriptures.

    I live in a world that is extremely religious in Islamic terms and I also see the religious Christians in the AC and other denominations. I also see exploitations in the name of all the religions, which have been there right from the fourth century. 

    I can see the elements of mechanical religious settings without the Lord as its head in the Church and in the working of most of the leadership of the Church, which transferred the same thinking attitudes in the common members of the Church. On the other hand faithful Christians have always acted as custodians of true faith and torchbearers of the Lord over the ages.

    “The New Wars of Religions,” will continue till the coming of Jesus Christ and the true orthodox Christians must learn to speak loud and clear in order to remove the misunderstandings among followers of different religions so as to show what real Christian faith is and how it transforms lives