Urgent appeal for help in devasted Diocese of Antsiranana in Northern Madagascar

Greetings to you from my devasted Diocese of Antsiranana in Northern Madagascar .
I am requesting your emergency help to save the people in my Diocese which has been badly hit by fierce tropical Cyclone Indlala on Thursday 15th March 2007. The homeless according to official sources in the region number approximately 5000,  five thousand.
The town of Antalaha has been badly damaged and the Church + School which has just been repaired has suffered bad damage. And so it goes for all my 125 church communities in the Diocese as excessive damage to houses and Churches and civil infrastructure have been caused due to the 150 km gusts wind and strong rains. Andapa, Sambava, Vohemar, Daraina, Ambanja, Anaborano Ifasy, Mardimaka Ambanja , Diego Suarez and other towns are among the list of affected places.
In the Region of Ambilobe where I have recently in January 2007,ordained the new priest Rev David Hamilton and deacon Rev Ndramora Michel at St Michael’s Church, 20 hectares of rice fields have been completely destroyed as the river has flooded and with also all the devasted people .
As I return home from the” Towards Effective Anglican Mission , TEAM CONFERENCE in Boksburg Africa, I hope that my SOS call will receive favourable attention from you all to my poverty striken region and Diocese of the Communion. I pray that the MDG’s will further the Communion partnership at this time of suffering and helplessness in my devasted Diocese.
Thank you for your prayers and support.
‘‘Lord God , out of the deep I call out unto your Holy Name, Hear my cry! ‘’
in Christ Jesus
+Roger Antsiranana

The Rt Rev Roger Chung Po Chuen F.H.
Bishop of Antsiranana Diocese
Mgr Jaomalaza
Eklezia Episkopaly Malagasy
BP 278, 4 Rue Grandidier,
Antsiranana 201,

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