Williams ’set to be manipulated’ - Church of England Newspaper 17 Aug 07

CEN 8.17.07 p 4.  August 17, 2007

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury’s Sept 20-21 meeting with members of the US House of Bishops in New Orleans will seek to manipulate Dr Williams into giving the Episcopal Church a clean bill of health so as to preserve its place in the Communion.

Conservative American leaders claim the Episcopal Church will seek to resurrect a report presented to the February Primates’ Meeting prepared by a small group within the Joint Primates-ACC Standing Committee that said the Episcopal Church had met two of the three requests of the Windsor Report and deserve a reprieve.

The meeting will be used to “manipulate” Dr Williams, the Bishop of Fort Worth, the Rt Rev Jack Iker said on July 31. The leaders of the American House of Bishops believe “If we can talk to Rowan, face to face, we can convince him of the rightness of our position and that he will stand with us,” he said.

Bishop Iker noted this scenario was not unrealistic. “As you will remember the subgroup report that initially came to the Dar es Salaam meeting, which nobody else had seen but presumably Rowan Williams had seen, tried to give the Episcopal Church pass marks on whether we complied with the Windsor Report recommendations or not,” he said.

The US Bishops will seek to “revive that subgroup report” and come out of the New Orleans meeting with Dr Williams “validating” that position.

At the June meeting of the US Church’s Executive Council, the Bishop of New Westminster, Canada, the Rt Rev Michael Ingham, urged the US church to use its time with Dr Williams constructively and get him to listen.

Dr Williams’ March meeting with the Canadian bishops, he said, had been structured so that while Dr Williams was given time to speak to the Canadian bishops, the bishops were not allotted time to speak to Dr Williams.

The Episcopal Church’s New York office has announced that the two-day meeting with Dr Williams will be closed to the press, and have released no details on how the time will be organised.

The Bishop of Quincy, the Rt Rev Keith Ackerman stated that past Bishops’ meetings conformed to a “well manipulated system.”

The Bishops would “meet in small groups, reporting back but never hearing the results of the reporting back” and the bishops would be kept busy “by talking about any number of subjects.”

With this “mechanism in place, whoever is handling the process will get precisely what they want,” he said.

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  1. Rick Arllen Says:

    ‘Set to be manipulated’ or prefer to be manipulated?

  2. Rick Arllen Says:

    ‘Set to be manipulated’ or prefer to be manipulated?

  3. Gerry O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    So what is new…?  Dr. Williams has been manipulated by Jefferts-Schorri and others in TEC and also by the past Primate of ACC and others.  It seems that he just cannot get past the idea that everything must remain in communicating.  Does he not understand that there is not now n’or will there be any good come of negotiating with TEC? 

    The time has come for such talking to come to an end and for strong backboned action to be taken either by him or by the Global South, one or the other.

  4. Sinner Says:


    The Global South have already taken action. They have already excommunicated the apostates, and have declared that everyone else must choose Christ or choose ECUSA!

    The Global South cannot be bought, manipulated or sold: They are already bought by Christ!  The question is whom will the ABC - or all the rest of us - serve!

    You cannot serve both Christ and ECUSA. ECUSA are shameful, racist, and satanic.  If you are a member of ECUSA - just as if you are a member of the KKK - you cease to be a Christian and most certainly will be damned for it.

    It really is that simple.

  5. Saju Muthalaly Says:

    As someone from the global south a comment such as “ECUSA are shameful, racist, and satanic” is something I find offensive. Although there are important aspects of ECUSA that I disagree with, to brand something “satanic” without any explanation shows how narrow minded people self righteous people can be.

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