A Statement by the Global South Steering Committee on Consultations with bishops requesting APO

08 November 2006 - Print Version

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As indicated in the Kigali Communiqué (September 2006), we will be holding a consultation with the leadership of Episcopal dioceses requesting Alternative Primatial Oversight (APO).  Our aim is to investigate their appeal in greater detail and identify possible responses. 

We will also meet leaders from dioceses who may not have specifically requested for APO, but will like to explore together what the steps forward may be.

We will meet after the Nov 12-15 Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) Trustees meeting, at a separate location.

Since these consultations are confidential there will be no provision for media access. We would, however, welcome your prayers.
A number of the primates have also been sent an invitation by Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori. They will be responding to her in due course through private communication.

Archbishop John Chew,
Secretary for Global South Steering Committee
8 November 2006

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  1. Simon Sarmiento Says:

    You spelled her last name as “Schorri”. The correct spelling of this is “Schori”.

  2. padraic Says:

    Looks like Schori to me,seems the content rather than spelling should draw more attention.Wouldn’t mind having a bit of x-ray vision to see those replies to PB Schiori’s ‘invitation’.
    Seems to me that any contact might hearken back to the Apostle John and Cerinthus or Polycarp and Marcion.