Anglican Catechism in Outline (ACIO) Interim Report

06 February 2008 - Print Version

Statement from the GSA Theological Formation and Education Task Force on Anglican Catechism in Outline:

The Global South Anglican (GSA) Theological Formation and Education Task Force* is grateful to the GSA Primates Steering Committee for commending our unanimous report Anglican Catechism in Outline (ACIO) to the Communion for study and feedback. A copy of the Interim Report has been sent to churches represented at the Global South Primates Meeting (Kigali, September 2006) for feedback by 30 April 2008.  The Interim Report is also available on the Global South Anglican website.

The Task Force also welcomes comments from individuals and institutions.  Please forward feedback, by 30 April 2008, to:
The Revd Canon Dr Michael Poon
Convener, GSA Theological Formation and Education Task Force
c/o Diocese of Singapore
St Andrew’s Village
1 Francis Thomas Drive #01-01
Singapore 359340
Fax: (65) 6288-5538;  Email:

The Final Report will be submitted to the Global South Anglican Primates Steering Committee in June 2008.

Michael Poon
Theological Formation and Education Task Force Convener
*Members of the Task Force
Rev. Dr Joseph Denge Galgalo (Kenya)
Rev. Dr Edison Muhindo Kalengyo (Uganda) (from May 2007)
Rt Rev. Dr David Zac Niringiye (Uganda) (to April 2007)
Rev. Canon George Ugochukwu Njoku (Nigeria) (to July 2007)
Rt Rev. Dr Bishop Olubayo Olugbenga Obijole (Nigeria) (from August 2007)
Rev. Canon Dr Michael Nai-Chiu Poon (South East Asia), Convenor

Corresponding Members for the catechism project:
Rt Rev. Dr Paul Barnett (Australia)
Rev. Dr Kevin Donlon (USA)
Professor Oliver O’Donovan (UK)
Professor David F. Wright (UK) (from September 2007)

Read the ACIO Interim Report (PDF) here

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  1. Hualing Says:

    I’ve read the report. It is very comprehensive. There are discussions on every aspect of the faith. This should be quite helpful to everyone.

  2. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Says:

    What is whole Anglican Communion?

  3. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    This “catechism in outline” is excellent! Very solid theological work is evident here. I was especially glad to see them include St. John Chrysostom’s Litany for Catechumens. Anglicans will find inspiration and spiritual authority in the writings and homilies of the Church Fathers.

  4. Steven Berry Says:

    Alice, Graham, or anyone else,

    From reading the Interim Report, everything sounds great, but do you know where the actual text of the catechism can be found?

    I would love to read even a draft copy of it.


  5. Michael Nai-Chiu Poon Says:

    Dear Steven Berry (#5 above),

    Thank you for your comments.

    I am unclear what “catechism” you refer to.  The GSA Theo Formation and Education Task Force was charged to produce a catechetical framework, rather than a full catechism.  This was the decision reached by both the Task Force and the GSA Primates at Kigali September 2006.  The actual task for updating and producing a catechism is left to the individual provinces.

    In other words, ACIO is meant to be a programmatic guide for churches across the Communion to produce their own catechisms.  We have tried to explain this point in the Preface of the Interim Report.  So our work is collaborative, and would involve the creative contribution of colleagues around the Communion to further our work in their contexts.  For similar reason also, the report is intentionally written in outline form, very much in the spirit of a modest church document that opens itself up for discussion and engagement, rather than in the style of an academic and individual work.  We have also taken great care to write in plain English, and use Prayer Book and Biblical languages throughout, that all of us from different contexts can have a common and confident basis for discussion.

    Having this said, a key question is whether the ACIO draft as it stands provide sufficient guidance for the individual provinces in producing their catechisms.  What do you think?

    I look forward to your continuing contribution,

    With warm wishes in Christ,


    Michael Poon
    GSA TFE Convener

  6. Steven Berry Says:

    Dr. Poon,

    Oh, the treachery of it all!

    “Let us indulge you with the most succulent beef, the freshest seafood and tempting array of delicious salads, sides and conclude with a variety of “to die for” deserts.

    “The feast begins, as it should, with the finest prime beef there is: marbled and aged to reach its flavorful best. We add salt and pepper to enhance the natural flavor, then broil at 1600 degrees to seal in the juices. And then it’s yours to enjoy the perfect steak, prepared just how you like it.”

    “Or perhaps you’re a seafood lover. If so, you’re in the right place. Market Fresh is to seafood as Prime is to beef. Our seafood is flown in daily from wherever in the world it’s at its best, then artfully prepared to enhance its freshness and flavor.”

    Whatever you decide on, from first course to last, it’ll be an occasion your palate will never forget.”

    “Ok then”, I think to myself. “This sounds so great.” My mouth is already watering… “One steak dinner please.”

    Then I hear, “I’m sorry, we don’t actually prepare or serve any of this.  I am only willing to show you to the produce area and offer you suggestions as to what could be made. It is your responsibility to prepare your own meal.”

    Then you leave me with:

    “Having this said, a key question is whether the ACIO draft as it stands provide sufficient guidance for the individual provinces in producing their catechisms.  What do you think?”

    What do I think?  What do I think?  Aaaarrrrggggghhhh!

    All I can expect from the TEC is more stale bread and poluted water.

    In Him