Archbishop of Uganda on TEC House of Bishops Statement

The Episcopal Church USA (TEC) has clarified its commitment to continue on their path to abandon the Biblical and historic faith of Anglicanism.  They, in fact, have decided to walk apart, and we are distressed that they are trying to take the rest of the Anglican Communion with them. 

We cannot take seriously a statement from TEC that merely pledges “as a body” to not do something. TEC betrayed the Anglican Communion when it elected and confirmed as bishop a divorced man living in a same-sex relationship.  We were further betrayed when its. Presiding Bishop agreed to the Communiqué from the 2003 emergency Primates’ Meeting that he deeply regretted the “actions of the…Episcopal Church (USA),” and immediately proceeded to assert at a press conference that he would preside at that consecration.  He then explained that the Primates believed their statement “as a body,” but individual primates were free to disagree.

Now, TEC has told us that they pledge “as a body” not to “authorize public rites for the blessing of same-sex unions.”  We have every reason to believe that individual bishops will feel free to disagree and continue to permit blessings of same-sex unions in their dioceses, rationalizing it as part of the breadth of their pastoral response, and all the while denying their complicity.  This is unacceptable.

TEC has lost the right to give assurances of their direction as a church through more words and statements.  They write one thing and do another.  We, therefore, cannot know what they mean by their words until we see their meaning demonstrated by their actions.

The report of the Joint Standing Committee to the TEC House of Bishops meeting represents precisely the reason I declined to attend.  The report is severely compromised and further tears the existing tear in the fabric of our beloved Anglican Communion.  It is gravely lamentable that our Instruments of Communion have missed the opportunity in this moment to begin the healing that is so necessary for our future.

Our Dar es Salaam communiqué did not envision interference from the Communion in the American House of Bishops while they were considering our requests.  Yet, members of the Joint Standing Committee met with Presiding Bishop Schori in the course of the preparation of their House of Bishops’ statement in order to suggest certain words, which, if included in the statement, would assure endorsement by the Joint Standing Committee.  Presiding Bishop Schori’s participation in the evaluation of the response requested of her province is a gross conflict of interest. We wonder why she did not recuse herself.

The report is severely compromised, and the gross conflicts of interest it represents utterly undermine its credibility. 
meaning demonstrated by their actions.

—The Most Rev. Henry Orombi

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  1. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Perhaps one of the reasons that Archbishop Orombi found himself ‘unable’ to attend a decisive meeting of the standing Committee of the ACC was that he is still defying the Primates’ call in Tanzania - not to continue ordaining bishops or clergy to interfere in the polity of ECUSA.

    Therefore, to attack ECUSA for its refusal to deny the human rights of gays in the Church (when the Archbishop of Nigeria is actively seeking their imprisonment in Nigeria), while at the same time refusing to comply with the express wishes of the Tanzania Primates’ Meeting not to ordain missionary ‘missionary’ clergy for importation into the territory of ECUSA, is to be hypo-critical to say the least.

    Perhaps this is the best evidence so far that the Global South Primates feel themselves to be no longer accountable to the historic leadership of the Church which most of us recognise as the Anglican Communion.

  2. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    God bless you, Archbishop Orombi. I’m praying for you! Do not be afraid. Do not compromise with deceivers. God is just and will handle everything according to His justice and the blood of Jesus.

    This comes with best wishes from your friend in Kentucky.