African Archbishops respond to New Orleans (CAPA Primates Communique), October 2007

The Communiqué, CAPA Primates’ Meeting in Mauritius, October 2007

We, the Primates of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) meeting 3rd to 5th October in Mauritius, Province of the Indian Ocean, issue this Communiqué from our meeting:

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our one and only Saviour.

1. We have been greatly encouraged by our time together with the CAPA Council that has just completed its General Meeting. A separate Communiqué has been issued from these proceedings and we give thanks to God for the dedication of each of the delegates and the many signs of God’s blessing throughout our various provinces.

2. At the conclusion of that meeting we conducted elections for the CAPA leadership team and are pleased to announce that the Most Rev’d Ian Ernest, Bishop of Mauritius and Archbishop of the Province of the Indian Ocean was elected to serve as Chairman with the Most Rev’d Emmanuel Kolini, Bishop of the Diocese of Kigali and Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda, elected to serve as Vice-Chairman. We are grateful for their courageous leadership and look forward to the work of CAPA going from strength to strength.

3. We are, however, aware that we live and serve within the context of the wider Anglican Communion and acknowledge that we are profoundly concerned by the current impasse that confronts us. We have spent the last ten years in a series of meetings, issuing numerous communiqués, setting deadlines and yet we have made little progress. As was clearly articulated by our brother bishop, the Most Rev’d Mouneer Anis, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East when he addressed the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church (TEC), “we want unity but not unity at any expense.” We have observed that his call for clarity in response to the Dar es Salaam recommendations and his appeal to them to turn back from their current path or acknowledge that TEC has chosen to walk a different way from the rest of the Anglican Communion was ignored. We believe, therefore, that a change of direction from our current trajectory is urgently needed.

4. While meeting in Mauritius we received a copy of the report of the Joint Standing Committee (JSC) of the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council. On first reading we find it to be unsatisfactory. The assurances made are without credibility and its preparation is severely compromised by numerous conflicts of interest. The report itself appears to be a determined effort to find a way for the full inclusion of The Episcopal Church with no attempt at discipline or change from their prior position.

5. We are convinced that what is at stake in this crisis is the very nature of Anglicanism - to understand it simply in terms of the need for greater inclusivity in the face of changing sexual ethics is a grave mistake. It is not just about sexuality but also about the nature of Christ, the truth of the Gospel and the authority of the Bible. We see a trend that seems to ignore the careful balance of reformed catholicity and missionary endeavor that is our true heritage and replace it with a religion of cultural conformity that offers no transforming power and no eternal hope.

6. In our considered opinion, however, there is a possible way forward. The Anglican Communion Covenant is the one way for us to uphold our common heritage of faith while at the same time holding each one of us accountable to those teachings that have defined our life together and also guide us into the future. We therefore propose the following actions:

a. Call a special session of the Primates Meeting.

We believe that meeting together is essential if we are prayerfully to allow the Holy Spirit to work through our interactions and bring us to a common mind. We would need to:

i. Review the actual response made by The Episcopal Church - both their words and their actions.
ii. Finalize the Covenant proposal and set a timetable for ratification by individual provinces.

b. Postpone current plans for the Lambeth Conference

We recognize that such an action will be costly, however, we believe that the alternative - a divided conference with several provinces unable to participate and hundreds of bishops absent would be much more costly to our life and witness. It would bring an end to the Communion, as we know it. Postponement will accomplish the following:
i. Allow the current tensions to subside and leave room for the hard work of reconciliation that must be done.
ii. Ensure that those invited to the Lambeth Conference have already endorsed the Covenant and so can come together as witness to our common faith.

7. We make these proposals in good faith believing that they provide an opportunity for us to reunite the Communion consistent with our common heritage and give us a way forward. We also stand ready to work with the various instruments of the Communion to ensure their success.

8. We are very much aware of the plight of faithful Anglicans in North America during these difficult times. We assure them of our prayers, support and full recognition until the underlying concerns are fully resolved.

9. While these current difficulties are challenging for all concerned we do not lose heart because we know that the One we serve is faithful. During our time together we have heard numerous testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the face of enormous difficulties and we are confident that we will find a way forward that will bring honour to His Name.

10. We recognize the fellowship and participation of the following Archbishops who have announced their retirement: the Most Rev’d Bernard Malango, The Church of the Province of Central Africa, the Most Rev’d Most Rev’d Njongonkulu Ndungane, Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the Most Rev’d Donald Mtetemela, Anglican Church of Tanzania. We also give thanks to God for the dedicated leadership of our outgoing chairman, the Most Rev’d Peter J. Akinola, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

11. Finally, we acknowledge with grateful thanksgiving the hospitality of the Most Rev’d Ian Ernest and the opportunity to pay courtesy calls on the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, and the Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam.

To Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy - to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen

The Most Rev’d Peter J. Akinola, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
**The Most Rev’d Justice Akrofi, The Church of the Province of West Africa
The Rt. Rev’d Philip Baji*, The Anglican Church of Tanzania
The Most Rev’d Fidele Dirokpa, Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo
The Most Revd Ian Ernest, The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
The Most Rev’d Emmanuel Kolini, L’Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
The Most Rev’d Bernard Malango, The Church of the Province of Central Africa
The Rt Rev’d Trevor Mwamba*, The Church of the Province of Central Africa
The Most Rev’d Bernard Ntahoturi, The Anglican Church of Burundi
The Most Rev’d Benjamin Nzimbi, The Anglican Church of Kenya
The Most Rev’d Henry Orombi, The Church of the Province of Uganda
**The Rt Rev’d Johannes Seoka*, The Anglican Church of Southern Africa
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Sami Fawzy Shehata*, Diocese of Egypt
*Representing the Province
** Absent during discussion of Communiqué due to travel schedule

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  1. Father Ron Smith Says:

    With reference to the communique issued from the Meeting of certain Primates of the Continental African Churches, I have read this communique and am disturbed by certain of the statements made:

    5. “We are convinced that what is at stake is the very nature of Anglicanism”

    In fact, ‘Anglicanism’, as it presently exists in the hearts and minds of many of its laity, clergy and bishops, is a far more accepting, inclusive and Gospel-announcing entity than the primates gathered at this perticular meeting of CAPA Primates seem to want to defend.

    One of the present ‘problems’ in the Communion, not yet acknowledged by the gathered Primates of CAPA, is the fact that they have departed from the historic polity of Anglicanism by ordaining ‘missionary’ clergy to infiltrate other provicial areas of the Anglican Church in USA.

    This is so far from the ethos of historic Anglicanism as to constitute a much more serious threat to the Unity of the Church than any seen to have been perpetrated by ECUSA in its action in ordaining a gay Bishop.

    6. To ask the Archbishop of Canterbury to cancel or postpone the forthcoming Lambeth Conference in 2008 is not within the province of the CAPA Primates. The Conference is the initiative of the ‘Primus inter pares’ of our Communion, in which he seeks to know the mind of ALL the bishops of the Church - not just a minority of its members with a special agenda of their own.

    8. “We are aware of the plight of faithful Anglicans in North Amercia during these difficult times”.

    This is not to say that ALL members of the Epsicopal Church in North America would want to be championed by the CAPA Primates. Most are wanting the Church, in fact to be the caring and loving face of Christ to its members and to the world which God wants us to help redeem.

  2. Tuquita Says:

    Would you please keep your dilusional opinions to yourself.  Stop using God to justify your misguided and heretical beliefs.  God WILL NOT compromise His holiness to accomodate sin.  HE is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, isn’t that what the heavenly hosts proclaim now and thoughout eternity.

  3. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Tequita, what you have just said is correct: God alone is Holy, we can never aspire to God’s holiness. To believe that we ever can, of our- selves, is nothing short of blasphemy. But, the Good News (Gospel) is that:

    God has already compromised himself by becoming sin for us in his Son Jesus Christ.‘For our sake, God made the Sinless One into sin, so that IN HIM we might BECOME the goodness of God’ (2 Cor.5:21)
    The Church is the medium which God has chosen to bring that Good News (Gospel) to all creatures. We are to lead people to Heaven and not condemn people to Hell. The Gospel is Good News, not bad.

    In the BCP. we read that Christ became the “One, Perfect Sacrifice, Oblation and Satisfaction for the sins of the whole world”.

    This means that Christ has already offered the perfect propitiation for our sins, and our joy as Christians is to receive the benefit of that in the representation of that One, Perfect Oblation and Satisfaction of Christ present in the Holy Communion.

  4. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    re: post#3 Try to understand a Liberal is like watching a Dog chase his tail. But what the Smithian said was, in other words, Ron loves to lie with man, and live in Sin and that he believes that continuing to live in Sin, God has quaranteed that Ron will be living in heaven when he dies—“This means that Christ has already offered the perfect propitiation for our sins, and our joy as Christians is to receive the benefit…”

    You see Ron thinks every Sinner will be in heaven no matter if they have Sinned or if they keep Sinning. He does not recognize damnation for anyone. Smith lives in his own Biblical World of Illusions.

    In other words, this quy is a man lieth with man preacher. He must find no wrong in Sin, because he refuses to give up his idolatry of perverted sexual pleasures.

  5. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Jesus Christ came into this world to SAVE sinners, Gary - that means even you. Can you not get that into your heart and mind?

    “Let him who is righteous cast the first stone” - These words of Jesus, Gary, are to everyone, not just to known sinners, but to secret ones as well (maybe like yourself).

    I am not aware of your own personal state of life - even if you seem to have knowledge of mine. But I would hesitate to accuse you of any sort of sexual sins - either homo- or hetero-.
    I think you need to observe a similar reticence about the supposed sisn of people you do not know.I do think, however, that you might suffer a little from the overwhelming passion of hubris.

    If your own self-righteousness still compels you to issue anathemas against other people whose way of life you judge without even knowing them, you had better make sure that your application of the Law will save you. As the master dramatist once said: “Methinks thou protesteth too much!”

    A little more charity and a lot less judgement might just save you from the fires of Hell into which you seem to want to thrust other people.

  6. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    46 The master of that servant will come in a day when he thinketh not, and at an hour when he is not aware of, and will cut him off, and give him his portion with the unbelievers.
    47 ¶ And that servant that knew his master’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.
    48 But he that knew it not, and yet did commit things (*) worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes; for unto whomsoever (♣) much is given, of him shall be much required, and to whom men much commit, (m) the more of him will they ask.

    Smith calls himself the Father(servant) of God.

    Smith knows his Masters Will(Word, Laws, Commandmets).

    Smith neither did according to his Will(Word, Laws, Commandmets).

    Smith shall be beaten with many stripes.

    Smith too politically correct(lies) to tell his congregation the truths of God.

    Smith hates this part of God’s Words.

  7. Father Ron Smith Says:

    The untruths you have spoken in your posting above, Gary, will no doubt come back to haunt you.
    I pray that God may forgive you your lust for the punishment of others. I would find it harder!

  8. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    NO buddy-roll, it is God’s punishment, he has in store for you-you chose to ignore God’s Word, Laws, Commandments, and you will burn is hell for it-for you, servant, know God’s Will. I am trying to save you from damnation.

  9. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Dahlonga I have to read the postings of Mr Morrow, da less I understand the true nature of the God he professes to serve.

    I do not need your salvation (your note 8), Gary. I have been saved, I am being saved, and I will be saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all who look to Him for salvation. He alone has the power to save!

    The sooner you begin to understand that Christ is not limited to the prophecies about him in the Old Testament but has, indeed, already done a new thing - “A New Commandment I give unto you, that you love one another, as I have loved you” - and the sooner you replace your URLs with this reality, Gary, the sooner you will be able to get off your soapbox and really enjoy being a child of God. Christ came to set us free from the law of sin and death.

    “You will burn in hell!” says Gary. This is NOT the word of Jesus, but the deep desire of the Enemy, who rejoices in division and anathema.

    Be very careful, Gary. Jesus did say: “Judge not, that you be not judged”.  May God forgive you!

  10. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    re: posting # 9, in other words, Ron beieve there is no hell-all will go to heaven no matter what they do-all is forgiven.

    So Ron, who will go to hell?

  11. David Gens Says:


    The command is:

    Love the sinner, hate the sin.


    Love the sinner, dislike the sin or
    Love the sinner, ignor the sin or
    Love the sinner, tolerate the sin or as is currently in vogue:
    Love the sinner and explain away the sin.

    Folks, the Church needs to confront sin both in the World and in the pews.  More over if we were not steeped in sin, what need wouuld we have of a Redeemer? 

    God Bless us and keep us, since we can;t do it ourselves.

  12. Keith Toepfer Says:

    Father Ron Smith #5,
    Your point about refraining from the

    need to observe a similar reticence about the supposed sisn (sic) of people you do not know

    is well taken. However, your failure to state the linkage between salvation and both repentance and amendment of life is a telling one. Your posts are universalist in their tone and exposition, and the Church (including the understanding of the Anglican churches) is, very definitely, NOT universalist in its teaching.

    Blessings and regards,

  13. George Danz Says:

    😊 I don’t know any of you and this is my first adventure into this blog.

    I personally like the exhortation of David Gens:
    Love the sinner and not the Sin.

    And the sin of active homosexuality is no worse than divorce, screaming at your spouse (or another), and a host of other sins.  But the sin of misleading brothers and sisters into believing that they will be saved from eternal Hell by leading their brothers and sisters in the mistaken belief that there is NO CONSEQUENCES for sin is a far greater sin than the others previously mentioned (ie an unpardonable sin). 

    We ask about whether distorting the meaning of the New Testament and Old are unpardonable sins [after reading the Scripture for the answer], because we may be leading our poor, less knowledgeable brothers and sisters in the belief that their sins are NOT sins. “Revisionist” teaching is coming from TEC pulpits these days. It comes with the stamp of approval from Clergy and Bishops who have taken an oath to uphold the Gospel, not distort it. 

    While not everyone in the pews these days are ignorant of Scriptural truth, unfortunately many are.

    For those of us for whom truth is more important than pointing fingers, our best efforts (in order to be truly saved) is to make every effort to get out the truth in an enlightening and non-critical way. We should ALL be working feverishly on this. One thing I know… there is only ONE true Church (that is the one with Jesus in it) and HE doesn’t try to play games at dividing and conquering just to make a point or to win the argument. The question we all must ask is, would Jesus REALLY be pleased and would GOD really be pleased if we keep doing what we’ve been doing?

    The Peace of the Lord

  14. Keith Toepfer Says:

    George Danz,

    I wholeheartedly concur with your evaluation of David Gens’ comment. And, it would appear from the statements of the Vatican on the topic, it would appear that David and those who agree with him are in good company.

    Blessings and regards,

  15. David Gens Says:


    While it’s nice to be deemed to be in good company, I’d wish to be in Godly company.  The concept that I expressed is not only Biblical but spans the spectrum of Christianity from Roman Catholic to John Haggee and the independents.  It is mostly preached in the non liturgical churches, and forgotten or ignored in the other ones.  This is too bad as the need of all men is the salvation from the life of sin.

  16. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    In the name of All that is Good, in the name of Sibling Charity, in the name of the Trinity:

    I have been reading the banter back and forth from the Rev. Smith and Mr. Morrow of Georgia, and also the comments thrown in by from David, George and Keith. I’ve never entered a blog conversation until now.

    It is obvious that Rev. Smith is very selective in his quotes from the Bible as so many Episcopalians are. However, Mr. Morrow sounds like a hell-fire Baptist rather than a deliberate thinker. The truth is many of us don’t even know the Holy Writ, never read it other than the selections in Church,because of a dearth in Biblical instruction by the church. I got thrown out of teaching Sunday School because I thought that junior high students should know certain passages eg.the Magnificat and some of the psalms. They didn’t even know what they were and the parents thought they should have had political and sociological discussions instead. I thought middle school was the place for that.

    All I have to say is that the American Church has fallen prey to all the prevailing secular theories and to politically correct speech. The Anglican Church, especially in America, has not properly instructed the young in its faith, not in my seventy-one years of being an Anglican (I was baptized at two months four days of age on All Saints Day 1936.) No wonder heresy has insidiously crept into the faith! I am one of those North Americans who is deeply troubled by that slippery slope the Church has ventured onto and find it hard to worship with people who believe the Bible is something akin to superstition and fairy tales. Why bother? I could save cash by leaving. And where is it written that screaming at one’s spouse is an abomination similar to homosexual activity? “Buggery” is defined in the Oxford Dictionary, I suggest you read it. That has been branded as an abomination and for anyone to assert that God loves abomination is sheer blasphemy. I will leave the church and never look back if it persists in such infamy. The gay activists have won so far in effect dooming the Church. I don’t need a church that stands for the same principles as does the world. I’d rather be agnostic. Yes God is HOLY, HOLY HOLY and Jesus said to sinners “Be ye holy even as I am holy.” However, I’m not damning anybody to hell because I am not God and mercifully He is not like man! Thanks to Jesus God the Father no longer smites us for blasphemy! That we should at least aspire to holiness even though we are frail and sinful, is what Jesus the Son was saying.

    By the way where did Ms. Schori get her qualifications to become a bishop? At the bottom of the deep blue sea? Couldn’t we find a more qualified person for the position as in any secular corporation? What a pity to have her, an agent of the gay agenda, as presiding bishop for whole Church! What an aberration! What a tragedy for the Church! I don’t want my grandchildren to be shepherded by such a person! I’d rather have them play football on Sundays than to be educated in heresy and blasphemy! The ACLU in public school is doing a good enough job with that!

    Peace be to unto all of us. We need God’s saving grace, even Bishop Schori and her host.

  17. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    RE:POSTING #16 states, “However, Mr. Morrow sounds like a hell-fire Baptist rather than a deliberate thinker.”

    I will gladly accept the hell-fire Baptist or fundametalist label because I find those comments hight flattering!

    Those labels put me in the strict contructionist reading of the Bible-the apostles, Word, Laws, and Commandments as inspired by God-not in the category of Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, Moderate interpretation of the Holly Bible.

    For example, Genesis 1:28
    28 And God (u) blessed them, and God said to them, (*) Bring forth fruit, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the heaven, and over every beast that moveth upon the earth.

    How many bed-wetting, bleeding-heart environmental Anglican’s hearts skip a beat everytime they read in the Bible that man is to subdue and rule over the earth. Social Liberal who think that animals are equal to humans would call this a fundalmentalist, or hell Baptist interpretation if they believed that man is superior to animals on earth.

    I wonder how non-hell bent Anglicans(moderates, Liberals, Socialist, progressives)  interpret this Scripture of the Bible?

  18. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    re:17—highly flattering

  19. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    Mr. Morrow:

    Why don’t you just chill out! Your unintelligible rantings serve little purpose and otherwise turn people off from what you have to say that may be valid.

  20. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    re: posting #19—You lost the Revolutionary War to us unintelligible Americans.

    Your statement, in other words, let me say what I want, and I Barbara Weever, demand that you not challenge me on what I say. If you challenge me, I will declare that you should chill out—if you challenge me, I will lie on the floor kicking and screaming and sucking my thumb, continuing to call your response to my writings as unintelligible rantings.

    I think you have me confuse with your husband. I have a wife at home and a boss a word that make request upon me daily. One woman in my house is enough. Go, find you a man if you want to boss one around.

    Barbara, why don’t you just kiss my foot.

  21. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    No, YOU kiss my unmentionables. Would probably taste superior to the food your pitiful wife cooks. Greasy, water-soaked stinking maws is what people like you eat down south. Hog entrails full of…well you get the picture. No wonder your brain cells are few and diseased!

    I always heard American Southerners were retarded fools. Now I know that you are a typical southern red-neck idiot. If you are a Christian I don’t want to be classified with you. I said go to hell but you don’t budge. Any more e-mails or blogs from you will hit the trash bin instantly, unread. You’re not worth my time or prayers, Bubba. If God loves trash like you, He makes pretty poor choices. Get to your prayers to save your tortured soul instead of writing garbage in the hope of annoying people. Evil son of Beelzebub you do Satan’s bidding by trying to foment rather than resolve!

  22. Keith Toepfer Says:

    What an unfortunately vituperative exchange between two people who self-identify as Christians. You should both be ashamed of your verbal behavior. May God forgive you for your intemperate words to each other, and may He have mercy on your souls.

    Blessings and regards,

  23. drew Says:


    I hope this ‘discussion’ is not an accurate representation of the state of the Church ‘down there’. When any argument resorts to name calling it has lost.

    Blow the dust off The Good Book and read the whole thing. Then read it again. Spend time with God. Become His friend. Listen. It’s pretty simple.

    Sin is sin. Big or small, doesn’t matter. It all seperates us from the Perfection that is God’s alone.

    I used to smoke and still do accassionally. Is that sin?  You betcha. It destroys the body. It is disobedient. It is a sinful addiction.

    I have friends who smoke. I love them. That’s my job. If they ask me, I’ll tell them that smoking is bad for them and that it can interfere with their relationship with a Holy God if not attended to. I welcome them in my church. That’s my job. Do I condemn them? NO. Not my job. Can I bless smoking before God? NO. It’s sin.

    Now replace the word “smoking” with any other sin you want.

    Jesus (thank Him) died for all sin. What everybody seems to have missed in the ‘discussion’ above is the question of whether or not we sinners, in our wonderful freedom, should continue to willfully sin. It’s an old question that Paul dealt with quite eloquently. I will not rob you(se) of the opportunity to read it for yourselves.

    What ever you do, do it in love.


  24. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    Hey barbara, you forgot about the possum, chitlins, squirrel dumplings, frog legs with good ole mashed potatoes and gravy, and pinto beens with ham hock—yum, yum.

  25. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    Bubba: Learn to spell, Won’tcha? Or is that way beyond your third grade limitations? Gosh your menu just made me throw up.

  26. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    Barbara, there you go again flirting with me. I have a wife. You know that Southerners love to be called Bubba. Please now, I am married. Stop stalking me on this site.

  27. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    Garymoe or Garyjoe or Jimbo or whatever:

    I couldn’t be so DRUNK as to bring a southern man into my mother’s house. And I don’t drink. Few have been worth more than a polite “Good day” and curt nod in her estimation. So don’t flatter yourself,I could not have known that Bubba is an endearing term because I did not grow up in a place where corn bread and grits were a staple diet. In fact I’ve never eaten grits or catfish, that ugly scavenger which feeds on sewage and sludge on the bottom of the lake.

    So I withdraw the name of Bubba in deference to the poor woman who puts up with her “boss”. Is the other part of that name Hog, as in Boss Hog? My mental picture of what you look like is quite horrifying—pretty much like a fat porker. Well you are a boss and the logical sequence to that name is hog. A big great “grandpaw” of one too as the tone of your correspondence suggests.

    Now you know where to go so I won’t repeat myself. I suppose God does love you, how else can anyone explain your existence? But then again, is it love, pity or mercy that He extends to you? I can’t tell. Furthermore I don’t care. Goodbye for good.

  28. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    Barbara de is that short for Barbara-debba, you know, like bubba?

    I am really jealous, I thought the South had the market on Squirrel dumplings—here you highbrow elites come along and steal our Southern ideas by making pancakes with Squirrel meat—Squirrel pancakes:

    I thought you highbrow elites were disgusting for eating Foie Gras(fatty liver), and caviar (egg spawn), but now you elites are munching on those cute little bushy tailed rodents (rats with long bushy tails).

    What else must you highbrow elites eat?

  29. David Gens Says:

    ❓ Why don’t you all (Barbara and Gray) find somewhere else to carry on? Or do you enjoy showing a lack of tact? Please.

  30. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    Sorry David. Of course you’re right. I apologize to all the decent folks out there for allowing myelf to be dragged into a confrontation with an idiot on this blog.

    Let me clarify! You note I refered to men i.e. the ordinary run-of-the mill, not gentlemen. I have met quite a few cultured southern gentlemen in this country. In fact there are five southern politicians that I admire although I do not always agree with what they do or say. I have met three of them. Two of the five have already been presidents and any one of the other three (in my opinion)would perform the job masterfully and wisely if they would only run and be successful. Of course Mr. Morow probably hates them and calls them Socialists and Liberals even those who are not. Apologies to the traditional Southern Gentleman.

  31. Dave Says:

    Please Gary and Barbara—both of your comments are bringing nothing but shame to this discussion. If we are going to bring the Anglican Communion—and TEC in particular—back to the true Gospel, we don’t need this junk! Enough!

  32. Gary Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia. USA Says:

    Dave, wake up. Just because you cannot challege a woman in kind does not mean that all men must bow when a woman spits garbage from their mouths.

    If you will just simply go back to Barbara’s first posting at # 16 You will read the “first strike” that states, “Mr. Morrow sounds like a hell-fire Baptist rather than a deliberate thinker.

    “...hell-fire baptist…rather than a deliberate thinker.”

    Now Dave, If you think I am just going to roll over while she insults baptist, and insults me at the same time-I have land on the moon to sale you.

    Her insults fomented after she was challenged.

    I suppose that since she is a woman that I am suppose to ignore what she said-it that your world David and Dave?

    If you do not like standing up to your beliefs and simply like to roll over, then that is you.

    If you and David do not like what you read, then don’t read what Barbara and I have to say to each other. Every time you see our names then skip over them. It is that simple. Freedom to chose-turn the channel.

    Believe me, as a Southern Gentleman-I held back.

  33. Grace Kelly Morrow, Dahlonega, Georgia, USA Says:

    I am a lady and I would not put myself in the trashy position where you stand; however, I can read the lines where you so openly insulted me and my husband.  When a man challenges your statements, and in response you get offended, you start to calling him names because you know that he is not going to respond to you the same way.  Now let’s see how well you do with another woman!

    1-Your unmentionables are probably too much like your face –Ugly as sin- and for someone to kiss on your old crow, wrinkled, unmentionables, better find someone just like you because you sound lonely and bitter and in much need of love.  Don’t worry, there is hope, and I can bet you that there is a Looney toone out there for you who will complement you with the same satanic thinking so you can feel better about yourself.  About the way you talk, you sound like White-European-French-trailer-trash.  You want to get ghetto level, we are there.

    2-You made a comment, (“If God loves trash like you, He makes pretty poor choices”).  I will rephrase it “God must love stupid people, He created so many of them- YOU are among them”.  Honestly, I don’t know how stupid people such as you can survive in this world—how do you manage? Maybe because the devil has you as a tribulation to God’s children.  You know what people say “every body has a purpose in this world” yours seems to be it to serve your lord Beelzebub. 

    Barbara don’t pray to Beelzebub repent and serve Our Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ.
    God loves you even if you are ugly and stupid.
    My husband is a gentleman, if you were a man; he would have called you names by now.
    If you don’t want somebody to challenge your thinking, don’t write because it will upset you and you will develop more wrinkles on your witchy face.  Now, if you want to finish this so that spineless men cannot read it, click on my link and let’s roll, chump
    I don’t turn my other chick-no to someone so stupid woman.

  34. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    WHEW! WHAT A LADY! Pray to God that you live to be as old as I. Pray to God that you look as beautiful as I when you reach my age. I am neither ugly or wrinkled by anyone’s standards largely because I haven’t used drugs or imbibed liquor in my youth. You know if you don’t do that sort of thing you too could grow into an aging beauty. Just like your namesake!

  35. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:


    I am not European, have never been inside a trailer court and am quite surprised that Your Serene Highness is familiar with the kind of things expressed in your tirade! Too bad my son-in-law shares your surname, as do my grandchildren. But they’re not related to royalty.

  36. Father Ron Smith Says:

    “See how these ‘Christians’ love one another?”

  37. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    Is that your mantra?