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  1. Bryden Black Says:

    8th May is an auspicious day in our family: it is my father’s birthday!  And although he has been dead for a number of years now, we still remember to give thanks to God for his birth and life and all he gave to many.  I begin on such a personal note since this “Anglican Communion stuff” is deeply personal too.  It is not merely bureaucratic bungling and/or Machiavellian machinations, as exhibited at ACC 14.  For this Church is/has been the Mother of many too ...

    And now how will our family (puns fully intended) remember 8th May?  The temptation is perhaps for hyperbole, for even vitriol: “a day in infamy/perfidy!”  Even if some have rightly used strong words (for example, the ACL in Sydney), for us the overriding sentiment has ceased to be thanks (on account of my father); it is quite simply a deep and overriding sense of grief. 

    Yet that said, just as the Church of Uganda once had to perform a funeral service with no body - Amin had not only murdered their beloved Archbishop; he had denied his mortal remains to his people - which gave rise to the cry, “we have seen an empty grave before!”, so too now we all have a greater context to this 8th May 2009.  For the events of Easter, after religious authorities had tried to snuff out the Light itself, usher in an irrepressible Spirit, that of Jesus’s own Joy and Hope!  And it is quite simply this context we celebrate this current Eastertide which overrides any grief.  Just so John 16:16-22.  For it is true: “in the world, you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

  2. zinkoo Says:

    It is sad that the process of Covennat was delayed by the decision of ACC 14.  Yet, this crisis can be turned into an opportunity.  What was lacking in section 4 of Ridley Cambridge draft was a deadline.  It could have given an excuse for TEC to just drag on before it votes on the Covenant.  Now, the “small group” is supposed to gather opinions of the provinces before they revise Section 4 of the draft Covenant.  All Glabal South groups should insist that a dealine be written in the final form.  For example, “Starting year 2014, all instruments of unity will be composed of only representatives from provinces that have signed the Covnenant.”  That would force TEC to make the decision by their general council in 2012 and Canada by their synod in 2013.

  3. zinkoo Says:

    To continue my thought above, I found the clause that needs to be developed if Section 4 is revised.  words in parenthesis is the addition.
    (4.2.7) Participation in the processes set out in this section .shall be limited to those members of the Instruments of Communion who are representatives of those churches who have adopted the Covenant, or (before 1 January 2014)who are still in the process of adoption.

    Another clause can be written about the participation in the instruments of Communion. 

    Also, the Global South provinces should insisting on not changing any substancial part of sectin 4.2

  4. Dr. Paula Says:

    The link does not seem to be working for me.  I am getting a blank screen, and I wonder if others are having the same problem.

  5. Dr. Paula Says:

    Thank you for this excellent coverage.  I did find that the link worked, after all.  I appreciate this informative website.