Statement by Province of Southeast Asia Standing Committee 2009

The Standing Committee of the Synod of the Province of the Anglican Church in Southeast Asia, meeting in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia on 29 and 30 July 2009, noted the passing of resolutions DO25 and CO56 of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church (“TEC”) in the United States of America.

We are of the view that the passing of these 2 resolutions, when on a plain and ordinary reading, constitutes an abrogation by TEC of the agreed-to moratorium on the consecration of practising homosexual clergy as bishops and rites of blessing for same-sex unions.  This effectively moves TEC irretrievably away from the orthodox position of the rest of the Anglican Communion as a whole on these issues.  This is a negative development.  It is also a repudiation of the listening and consultation processes put in place in an attempt to resolve these issues.

We reiterate that the basis of the common heritage shared through membership of the worldwide Anglican Communion is best reflected by the proposed Anglican Covenant, which we wholly support.  The proposed Anglican Covenant encompasses our basic shared beliefs and traditions.  It represents the most basic statement of what we consider to be acceptable for resolving the present predicament facing the Anglican Communion and moving forward.  We hope that the Anglican Covenant will be endorsed by the provinces in the Anglican Communion within the next 12 months.

We also wish to re-affirm those orthodox parishes and dioceses of and associated with the Communion Partners within TEC who have chosen to remain within the existing structures.  We believe that the Anglican Covenant is appropriately inclusive so as to allow for their continued membership within the Anglican Communion.  We would like to assure them of our continued support and prayers.   

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  1. RGEaton Says:

    Dear members of the Standing Committee of the Anglican Province of Southeast Asia,

    Unofficially, but on behalf of all those congregations in TECUSA who may appear to be, or commanded to be, separated by diocesan or General Convention actions now or in the future, I thank you for your public witness of Anglican Communion support, connection and inclusion, and do fervently covet your prayers for our well-being, growth, composure, and faithfulness, as we bear witness to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, “according to the scriptures.”

    If members of the Standing Committee happen to be passing through any of our towns and cities, please let us know so that we might greet you.

    Tulare, CA

  2. Loren Fox Says:

    This is a most helpful statement—encouraging to believers, and a rebuke to those who have refused to listen.  Indeed, I too hope that the Provinces will endorse the Covenant, the whole Covenant, in the next twelve months.  May the Lord give you continued strength in His Spirit and wisdom by His Word.

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