First Things: Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi—What is Anglicanism?

Few would deny that the Anglican Communion is in crisis. The nature of that crisis, however, remains a question. Is it about sexuality? Is it a crisis of authority—who has it and who doesn’t? Have Anglicans lost their commitment to the via media, epitomized by the Elizabethan Settlement, which somehow declared a truce between Puritan and Catholic sentiments in the Church of England? Is it a crisis of globalization? A crisis of identity?

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  1. MattJP Says:

    This is the most encouraging thing I have read in a long time. Thank you to Archbishop Orombi! Most likely I will soon be worshipping in a church under the authority of Archbishop Orombi.

  2. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    This is a good overview of Anglicanism as biblical, evangelistic, sacramental and creedal.  Archbishop Orombi makes a distinction between doctrine and discipline and in TEC we see that both are lacking. Hence the crisis.

    Thank you for reaching out to orthodox Anglicans in the USA and being willing to provide us with fiathful bishops.

  3. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Archbishop Orombi, like his fellow Primate of the Global South, Archbishop Akinola, unfortunately distances himself from qualification as a spokess-person for traditional Anglicanism by his action in supporting the ordination of illegally imposed clergy/bishops upon the territory of another Primate of the Anglican Communion.

    This illicit, if not exactly illegal, unilateral imposition of ecclesial authority into the lawfully- constituted territory of another Primate of the Church is distinctly un-Anglican.

    Furthermore any suggestion that the historical roots of the Anglican Communion, which reside in the Canterbury Primacy and jurisdiction could be abandoned in favour of some new ‘Anglican’ entity (albeit fostered by well-meaning Primates of the ‘Global South’) seeking to assume ecclesial authority for itself, suggests the activity of some sort of self-appointed papal court.

    The high-priestly prayer of Jesus; “That they might be one”, would surely prohibit such a move towards the separatism implicit in this latest development of the Global South.