GAFCON and The Anglican Covenant - Andrew Goddard

Ed: Andrew Goddard helpfully points out the ‘astonishing error’ in the GAFCON Theological Resource Group’s paper in comparing the Nassau Draft and the St Andrew’s draft and respond to their analysis of the latter:

“The first and irrefutable conclusion that must be drawn from these two documents is the shocking inadequacy of GAFCON’s theological resource group and wider leadership. To have produced a briefing paper (has since been removed from GAFCON site) claiming to summarise the changes between the Nassau and St Andrew’s draft covenants but actually comparing the St Andrew’s draft to a quite different document unrelated to the covenant (and which many of the GAFCON team were involved in writing) is an astonishing error. That nobody in the group (or among the GAFCON leadership which released it) realised that the claimed removals from the Nassau draft were therefore all fraudulent suggests an inexcusable level of ignorance about the covenant process on the part of all those involved in writing and then disseminating this briefing paper to the wider Communion.”

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Editorial comments: The GS Primates Steering Committee has made a commitment to the Covenant process here, including the dateline of May 2009, as expressed in the (Statement from the Global South Primates Steering Committee, London, Mar 13-15, 2008).

“The Global South remains committed and encourage all Provinces to actively participate in the study and requested feedback on the St Andrew’s Draft of the Anglican Covenant, its substance and spirit to be in line with our common classical Anglican heritage of biblical, historical and reformed formularies of faith and ecclesiology. In particular, we strongly urge the presentation of a definitive text to the Provinces by ACC 14th (May 2009) to begin the urgent and timely process of official adoption and ratification for the Communion.”

Pray that the GS Primates will continue their work faithfully, follow through on past decisions and stand together for the good of the Church. Pray for Lambeth, especially for the on-going discussions on the Covenant process.

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