Global South Primates Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda

Some 20 Provinces will be represented at the Global South Primates Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, Sept. 19–22. They will be expected to address current Communion concerns like the proposed Anglican Covenant and its adoption process, response to GC2006, agenda for Lambeth 2008 and so on.

However, top in the list of priority this time round is to follow-through with the concerns raised in last October’s historic Red Sea Encounter in Egypt, including tackling poverty through economic empowerment, strengthening mission co-partnership and cooperating in Communion theological formation and education development. Apart from the Primates, other Province representatives will also be present to discuss and strategise for these areas.

The Primate will worship, pray and discern the Lord’s mind together as they seek to cooperate and help one another in the face of many challenges and mission opportunities, without and within.

Archbishop John Chew (Southeast Asia), the General Secretary of the Global South Steering Committee, believes that this meeting will be important. He said, “The Meeting seeks to follow up on some of the key issues raised and identified at the last Encounter. At the same time, the increasingly difficult state of life and witness in the Communion makes our Meeting more crucial. It is divine providence that the Global South Provinces have been able to meet on its own resources so readily over these two years to pro-actively take up responsibilities and contribute to the ongoing faithful life and witness of the Communion.”

Being held in Rwanda, with its recent and painful history and efforts being made at rebuilding the nation, the Meeting will be more conscious of the radical need of the new life and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring about divine peace, transformation of human hearts and nature for reconciliation and the building up of harmonious and caring communities.

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