Martyn Minns consecrated a Nigerian Bishop in US

Source: Church Times

ARCHBISHOP Peter Akinola has consecrated an American priest to serve as a bishop in the Church of Nigeria in the United States. The Rt Rev Martyn Minns was consecrated Bishop of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America [CANA] at a four-hour service at the newly opened National Christian Centre in Abuja on August 20. The new bishop of CANA will have jurisdiction over Nigerian congregations in the United States as well as American congregations that desire the oversight of Abuja due to disputes over doctrine and discipline with The Episcopal Church.

Rector of one of suburban Washington’s largest congregations, Bishop Minns will remain rector of Truro Parish in Fairfax, Virginia, until a successor is chosen by the parish vestry. The consecration of Bishop Minns by an African prelate to serve as a missionary bishop in the United States follows the same path taken by Rwanda and the Anglican Mission in America [AMiA]. On June 29 Bishop Peter Lee of Virginia stated it would be “impossible” for him to remain as rector of Truro while serving as Bishop of CANA. However on August 13, Bishop Lee stated that he and Bishop-elect Minns, along with representatives of the parish, had met on August 12 and hoped to issue an agreed “joint statement” by the end of the month that “would respond to the various jurisdictional and pastoral challenges that are presented by this development.”

A spokesman for the Diocese of Virginia told The Church of England Newspaper after the consecration, that Bishop Lee had no comment beyond his earlier statements, but noted the situation was under “active discussion” between Truro and the Diocese. A spokesman for the Archbishop of Canterbury declined to comment, noting that the July statement on the election of Minns as Bishop of CANA was unhelpful still stood. Bishop Minns’ appointment will be announced in the forthcoming issue of Anglican World magazine, a spokesman for the ACC told CEN, in light of the announcement by the Church of Nigeria.

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  1. mccabe Says:

    It seems that it isn’t just the wicked Church of the West that violates spirit of the Windsor Report or other statements by the fictional ‘Anglican Communion’. Here is a prime example of ‘imperialism’ and ‘cultural’ subversion across provincal lines practiced by the Church of the Global South.

    So much for any claim of purity from the self appointed guardians of ‘traditionalism’.