Response from Abp Peter Akinola

In response to requests for comments on the Lambeth Conference invitations, Archbishop Peter Akinola reaffirms that the Church of Nigeria is committed to the CAPA commissioned report “The Road to Lambeth”

Since only the first set of invitations had been sent, it is premature to conclude who will be present or absent at the conference. However, the withholding of invitation to a Nigerian bishop, elected and consecrated by other Nigerian bishops will be viewed as withholding invitation to the entire House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria.

The Lord bless you as you remain in Christ

The Venerable AkinTunde Popoola
Director, Communication
Church of Nigeria.

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  1. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi Says:

    What is going on today,in the Anglican church,is what was written down in the book of Isaiah,chapter 3 vrese 9,” have declared sodomy as your sin,and you hide it not,woe to you for you are only destroying your own soul”