The Bishop of Dallas comments on the New Orleans Bishops Meeting

27 September 2007 - Print Version

I am grateful for the tone of this meeting and for many aspects of the process and the contributions many bishops from very diferent perspectives made to it. I wish that such openness and frankness, and serious discussion, had characterized earlier meetings. (And here I refer to 15 years of such meetings!). But the final result, I must confess, is disappointing to me. I do not believe the answers requested by the Primates have been given. I do not believe we have moved very far – if at all – from where we were before this meeting in terms of the assurances sought. I certainly think that internally, the House of Bishops changed its dynamics in a number of ways that are welcome. But for all that, we still seem, as one bishop has said, “stuck.”

Ed: The rest in pdf format is worth reading from here. Bishop Stanton’s discussions on B033 resolution concurs with our editorial comment and observation on the on-going lack of clarity.

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