A Statement from Bishop Mouneer Anis, Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt

The Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt
With North Africa & the Horn of Africa
Bishop: The Rt.Rev.Dr. Mouneer H. Anis
P.O.BOX:87 Zamalek -Cairo, EGYPT 1121

We were very encouraged by Archbishop Rowan Williams’ historical message to the Communion “Challenge and Hope”. It is written with amazing clarity and frankness. Archbishop Rowan outlined the main issues that lead to our current crisis and the way ahead.

The document drew a clear line between defending the human rights of homosexual people and the freedom of the Christian Church, “on the basis of the Bible, and its historic teaching, to bless homosexual partnership as a clear expression of God’s will”. The Archbishop was absolutely right in saying “The recent resolutions of the General Convention have not produced a complete response to the challenges of the Windsor Report”.

Archbishop Rowan explained clearly the process of taking decisions in the Anglican Communion. This is what we needed to hear and learn. “Only the whole Church knows the whole Truth”; this is a very meaningful quotation.

It is important here to acknowledge and support those Dioceses, within ECUSA, who make it clear that they fully accept Windsor Report, the authority of the scriptures, the historic teaching of the church, and their commitment to the Communion. Practically speaking, the best support for this increasing number of Dioceses would be the positive consideration of their appeals requesting alternative primatial oversight.

At this time we need to spend more time to praying for the Communion as part of the Body of Christ, for the coming Primates Meeting and for Archbishop Rowan Williams as he leads in this critical time.

The Rt. Rev Mouneer H. Anis
Bishop of the Episcopal / Anglican Church of Egypt



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