GSE4 Participants’ Prayer Guide

This Participants’ Prayer Guide has been prepared by the Church of Uganda as a gift and blessing to the participants.

“Be anxious for nothing,
but in everything by prayer and supplication,
with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God;
and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
(Phil 4.6-7)

(This guide can also be downloaded in doc format from here.)

Anglican Church of Burundi. The Most Rev. Bernard Ntahoturi, Archbishop

“We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer,
has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world,
and can bring its power down to earth.”
(Andrew Murray)

Province of Central Africa.  The Rt. Rev. Albert Chama, Dean

(Primate position is vacant)

Prayer “is the root, the foundation,
the mother of a thousand blessings
.” (Chrysostom)

Province of Congo.  The Most Rev. Henri Isingoma, Archbishop

“Prayer breaks all bars, dissolves all chains,
opens all prisons, and widens all straits
by which God’s saints have been held.”
(E.M. Bounds)

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. Primate Representative. The Rt Revd Thomas Yee-po Soo, Bishop

“Prayer is where the action is.”(John Wesley)

Province of the Indian Ocean. The Most Rev. Ian Earnest, Archbishop

“Faith in a prayer-hearing God will make
a prayer-loving Christian.”
(Andrew Murray)

Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. The Most Rev. Mouneer Anis, President Bishop.

“The prayer power has never been tried to its full capacity.
If we want to see mighty wonders of divine power and grace
wrought in the place of weakness, failure and disappointment,
let us answer god’s standing challenge, ‘Call unto me,
and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things
which thous knowest not!’”
(Hudson Taylor)

Province of Kenya. The Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala, Archbishop.

“I would rather teach one man to pray
than ten men to preach.”
(Charles Spurgeon)

Province of Melanesia. The Most Rev. David Vunagi, Archbishop.

“There is no power like that of prevailing prayer,
of Abraham pleading for Sodom,
Jacob wrestling in the stillness of the night,
Moses standing in the breach,
Hannah intoxicated with sorrow,
David heartbroken with remorse and grief,
Jesus in sweat of blood.
Add to this list from the records of the church
your personal observation and experience,
and always there is the cost of passion unto blood.
Such prayer prevails.
It turns ordinary mortals into men of power.

It brings power.
It brings fire.
It brings rain.
It brings life.
It brings God.” (
Samuel Chadwick)

Province of Myanmar.  The Most Revd Stephen Than, Archbishop.

“Four things let us ever keep in mind:
God hears prayer,
God heeds prayer,
God answers prayer,
and God delivers by prayer.”
(E.M. Bounds)

Province of Nigeria. The Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, Primate.

“Prayer is my chief work, and it is by means of it
that I carry on the rest.”
(Thomas Hooker, Puritan)

Province of Papua New Guinea. The Most Revd James Simon Ayong, Archbishop.

“Shut the world out, withdraw from all worldly thoughts and occupations,
and shut yourself in alone with God, to pray to Him in secret.
Let this be your chief object in prayer,
to realize the presence of your heavenly Father.”
(Andrew Murray)

Province of Rwanda. The Most Rev. Emmanuel Kolini, Archbishop.

“Intercession is truly universal work for the Christian.
No place is closed to intercessory prayer.
No continent – no nation –
no organization – no city – no office.
There is no power on earth
that can keep intercession out.”
(Richard Halverson)

Province of South East Asia. The Most Rev. John Chew, Archbishop.

“Prayer is the greatest of all forces,
because it honours God and
brings him into active aid.”
(E.M. Bounds)

Province of Southern Africa. The Most Rev. Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop.

“Since the days of Pentecost,
has the whole church ever put aside every other work
and waited upon Him for ten days,
that the Spirit’s power might be manifested?
We give too much attention to method and machinery
and resources, and too little to the source of power.
” (Hudson Taylor)

Province of the Southern Cone (South America). The Most Rev. Greg Venables, Archbishop.

“The essence of prayer does not consist in asking God for something
but in opening our hearts to God, in speaking with Him,
and living with Him in perpetual communion.
Prayer is continual abandonment to God.
Prayer does not mean asking God for all kinds of things we want;
it is rather the desire for God Himself, the only Giver of Life.
Prayer is not asking, but union with God.
Prayer is not a painful effort to gain from God help
in the varying needs of our lives.
Prayer is the desire to possess God Himself, the Source of all life.
The true spirit of prayer does not consist in asking for blessings,
but in receiving Him who is the giver of all blessings,
and in living a life of fellowship with Him.”
(Sadhu Sundar Singh)

Province of Sudan. The Most Rev. Daniel Deng Bul, Archbishop.

“I have seen many men work without praying,
though I have never seen any good come out of it;
but I have never seen a man pray without working.”
(Hudson Taylor)

Province of Tanzania. The Most Rev. Valentino Mokiwa, Archbishop

“It is in the field of prayer that life’s critical battles are lost or won.
We must conquer all our circumstances there.
We must first of all bring them there.
We must survey them there.
We must master them there.
In prayer we bring our spiritual enemies into the Presence of God
and we fight them there. Have you tried that?
Or have you been satisfied to meet and fight your foes
in the open spaces of the world?”
(J.H. Jowett)

Province of Uganda. The Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop.

“In prayer you align yourself to the purposes and power of God,
and He is able to do things that through you
He couldn’t otherwise do.”
(E. Stanley Jones)

Province of West Africa. The Most Rev. Justice Akrofi, Archbishop.

“The praying believer beseeches the God of the future
that the marks of God’s rule
(forgiveness, sustenance, deliverance, and the Spirit’s fullness)
become present in the current situation,
which is filled with want, need, and insufficiency.
Petitionary prayer, in other words,
asks God to bring something of the future –
God’s future – into the present.”
(Stanley Grenz)

Province of the West Indies.  Primate Representative: Rt Rev Howard Gregory.

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness.
We do not know what we ought to pray for,
but the Spirit himself intercedes for us
with groans that words cannot express.” (Romans 8.26)

Church of North India. Bishop: Rt. Rev. Sunil Singh.

“Prayer is to the spiritual life
what breathing is to the physical life.”

Associate Participants:

1. Australia
2. England
3. New Zealand
4. Anglican Church in North America (USA-Canada)
5. TEC (USA) -- Communion Partners

Ecumenical Observers:

1. National Committee of TSPM of the Protestant Church in China
2. Coptic Orthodox Church


“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”(Matthew 6.33)