Letter of support for ANC from Primates of Central Africa, Kenya, Uganda, West Africa

November 22nd, 2007

To our Dear Canadian Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

We have heard of the recent decision and willingness of Archbishop Gregory Venables and the Province of the Southern Cone to provide a safe haven and Communion connection for those biblically faithful Canadian Anglicans who wish to be recognized as “in full Communion with the Church of England throughout the world”.

We heartily endorse the actions of the Province of the Southern Cone and wish to send our greetings and support for those members of the Anglican Network in Canada who wish to avail themselves of that Communion Connection.  We assure you that we will recognize those members as in full communion with us and our Provinces.

It is clear that the Anglican Church of Canada’s actions have contributed to the “tear in the fabric of the Communion at its deepest level”.  Many of our Provinces have declared broken or impaired communion with the Province of Canada.

Since October 2003, the Primates have called for Provinces, including the Province of Canada, to provide “Adequate Episcopal Oversight” for those who dissent from the actions of their Province which contravene Anglican teaching and practice, particularly Lambeth Resolution 1.10.  This call was affirmed in the Windsor Report (2004) and the Primates’ Communiqués from February 2005 and Dar Es Salaam 2007.

We recognize that the Province of Canada has failed to provide such “Adequate Episcopal Oversight”, and in fact, in places like the diocese of New Westminster, has taken actions to close biblically faithful churches and discipline biblically faithful priests for remaining faithful to the teaching and practice of the Anglican Communion.

We commend Bishop Donald Harvey for his willingness to come out of retirement to provide Adequate Episcopal Oversight for those biblically faithful, communion-committed Anglicans in Canada who require such oversight and protection.  We recognize this will allow their gospel ministry to flourish and grow, while the Communion seeks to find a way forward through this crisis.  We have welcomed Bishop Harvey to many of our Global South meetings and we recognize him as a godly and humble servant.

Our prayers are with you as you discern the choices before you at this critical time.  May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ

The Most Revs Justice Akrofi, Bernard Malango, Henry Orombi, Benjamin Nzimbi