A call to national mourning by Archbishop Peter Akinola

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We have watched with sadness and utter dismay the recent crises in some States in Northern part of this country where many Christians were ruthlessly killed, and Churches and other property wantonly destroyed by some criminals – murderers and arsonists hiding under the guise of religion.

We, however, thank all well-meaning Nigerians who stood in the gap, condemned the dastardly action of the murderers and arsonists.  We thank the Sultan, his Eminence, Muhammadu Maccido, for giving leadership to the Islamic community not to allow a spread of the wanton destruction.

We must thank the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Sunday Ehindero and his men for their valour and responsible behaviour during the trying period. 

We have met as leaders of the Christian community in Nigeria and taken the following decisions:

1.    We appeal to all tiers of government to find ways and means of ensuring that all Nigerians irrespective of tribe or religion are thoroughly educated to know that ours is a multi religious society in which no one part can claim superiority over the other.

2.    Law enforcement agencies and the judiciary are requested not to treat those arrested in connection with the wanton destruction with kiddies gloves.  They must be treated for who they are: criminals – murderers, arsonists.  Arrests made are positive indication that the police are working hard.  But we must go beyond that to prosecute and allow the law to take its full course on all found guilty

3.    We call on all our state governors to meet as a matter of utmost urgency – solely for coming to the understanding that:
a)    Nigeria belongs to all of us.
b)    Nigerian Christians have no other place they can call their own, except Nigeria.   
c)    Agree that there must be mutual respect, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among the entire citizenry in the various states of the country.
4.    We call on the faithfuls, who call upon the name of the LORD Jesus the Christ, Christians of all denominations, of all ages – young, old, men, women, clergy, lay to observe a two –day National Mourning for the fallen brethren throughout the country on March 27/28. 

During this period of mourning no Christian shall go to work, no shop, market, nor office is to be opened.  In other words there shall be no business transactions. This is no holiday – but a time to mourn, weep, repent, and to pray for our country, for all criminally minded people, for the peaceful co-existence among all Nigerians for the peace of the world, for all troubled parts of God’s world.

5.    May I repeat, the period of March 27 – 28 has been declared by CAN as a time of sober reflection, mourning, repentance and prayer. For the sake of Nigeria of tomorrow and in the interest of Nigeria of today we call on all the faithful to heed this clarion call. 

No form of work at whatever level in these two days is to be undertaken. 

May the LORD heal our land.  Amen.
The Most Revd. Peter J. Akinola, CON, DD.
President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)

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  1. Rev. Ifeanyi Akunna Says:

    I must congratulate the Primate on the carefulness and wisdom he applied in handling the two major critical and most trying events in this country, Viz: the non inclusion of religion in the on-going census in Nigeria, and the wanton destruction of lives and property of the innocent christians in this country which both happened almost in the same period.  This shows that he allows the Spirit of God to lead and control his life and administration.  He is assured of our supportive prayers.

    May I humbly suggest that this two day period of sober reflection, mourning, repentance and prayer declared by CAN for March 27 and 28 be extended by two or three more days or in addition be observed again sometime later because of the interruption of the census on the 27th.

    It will be good if the impact of this two day prayer session is strognly felt in this country for it will have a monumental positive and fruitful results. 

    Thank you and remain blessed.