A Clarification on my Response to the Secretary-General’s Statement: Michael Poon

First, I wish to clarify that my response is not meant to be a personal attack on Canon Kenneth Kearon. My reference to the “heart of darkness” refers to a pervasive mentality in some parts in our Communion, which takes a view that the “post-liberal” outlook is superior, and should be enforced to the rest of the world.  The title “Heart of Darkness” comes from Joseph Conrad’s critique on a similar European “civilising project” in Congo a hundred years ago. As I suggested in my response, all (both East and West) are prone to such outlook. I do apologize to Canon Kearon for any misunderstanding I caused.

Second, Canon Kearon’s rendering of the Primate’s request to the TEC House of Bishop do adopt phrases and concepts used in previous Primates’ communiques and the Windsor Report.What caused great anxiety and confusion on my part—and perhaps to others as well— was that he did not simply reiterate the specific request of the Primates in the Dar es Salaam Statement, which of course was composed with great care.  To rephrase the Primates’ request in connection to the TEC HOB’s statement (which was again composed with great care), however well-intentioned this may be, may lead to greater confusion at this important time in the Communion’s history.  I raised similar concerns on the Subgroup Report earlier this year.

Third, I believe the present socio-economic and socio-political structures can become a liability in the listening and discerning processes. Present-day forms of communication can easily be turned into manipulative tools that promote falsehood rather than truth.  This is why I take a more sober view on Anglican structures, and am concerned in how languages are used.  Communication is costly; it involves a personal commitment to live plainly: to repent from what is false, receive truth, convey truth, and live out the truth under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Dear Editor Global South web-site.

    I would like to thank you for removing my comments from this web-site - now that they may have fulfilled their purpose, which was to demonstrate just how subversive such sites can be.

    The ‘Conclave’ of US Bishops, whic has seemingly elected it’s own Pontiff, will have to live or die by its own attempts to divide the Church. Only time will tell whether this desperate move will turn out to be a legitimate movement of God’s Holy Spirit.

    The Lists are filled with dissident movements which have sought to gain power by one means or another to thwart the liberation of the true Gospel which the world-wide Anglican Communion has - up to this point in time - faithfully tried to proclaim. 

    “Woe to you Scribes and Pharisees” echoes loudly here as the Church witnesses yet another break- away movement seeking to ‘purify’ the Church. The parable of the Pharisee and the Publican seems to be an adequate lesson in what God desires of his people: “Mercy, not sacrifice”.

    “God so love the WORLD that he gave his only-Begotten Son”.  Alleluia

    On this Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels, may they defend us from all perils and dangers - especially of the forces of Schism.