Provincial Council endorses Covenant; Expresses solidarity with Communion Partners


Dallas/Fort Worth – The Anglican Church in North America Provincial Council has endorsed the Anglican Covenant and expressed solidarity with the Communion Partners.

The Covenant is a four-part document that outlines the basics of the Christian faith as Anglicans have historically understood and practiced it.  It also provides for accountability among Communion members. The Covenant was initiated by the 2005 Windsor Report which in turn was prompted by the crisis in the Anglican Communion created by the deviation from Biblical teaching and morality in North America.

On Sunday 22 June 2009, the Provincial Council unanimously adopting the following resolution:

Resolution on the Anglican Communion Covenant

Resolved, under provisions of Canon I.1.1 of the Constitution and Canons, the Provincial Council of the Anglican Church in North America expresses its readiness to adopt the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant (Ridley Cambridge Draft) at an appropriate future meeting of the Provincial Council.

Further Resolved,  that the Provincial Council of the Anglican Church in North America expresses its solidarity with the Communion Partner Bishops in North America in the hope that individual dioceses and other churches [Covenant 4.1.5] might be encouraged to adopt the Anglican Communion Covenant whether or not the Provinces of which they are a part have chosen to do so.

Unanimously adopted by the Provincial Council of the Anglican Church in North America at its meeting on the Third Sunday after Pentecost, 21 June A.D. 2009.

The Communion Partners is a group of Episcopal Church bishops and clergy who are working for a return to orthodoxy within that Church.  They are strong supporters of the Covenant and have been very involved in the Covenant development process.

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The Rev Peter Frank, Diocese of Pittsburgh, 724-777-3246 (cell)

Mrs Suzanne Gill, Diocese of Fort Worth, 817-271-1116 (cell)

Ms Marilyn Jacobson, Anglican Network in Canada, 604 788-4222 (cell)

Mr. Robert Lundy, American Anglican Council, 770-595-6979 (cell)


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