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03 October 2007 - Print Version

A response to recent statements from The Episcopal Church House of Bishops and the Common Cause College of Bishops from Anglican Mainstream in Britain and Ireland
We are disappointed that the response of The Episcopal Church House of Bishops [TEC HoB] fails to address the specific questions asked of it by the Primates’ Meeting in February. 
The first two points - on the election of non-celibate gay and lesbian bishops, and on public rites for blessing same-sex unions - suggest that the TEC HoB has agreed not to walk further away from the rest of the Anglican Communion for the moment.  However, the TEC HoB gives no indication of being prepared to turn and walk back towards us so that we may walk ahead together, and in reality same-sex blessings are continuing. 
The third point - on Episcopal visitors - makes no progress beyond the previous inadequate proposals. It indicates a refusal by the TEC HoB to address the stated needs, for orthodox oversight and also for protection from legal action, of those congregations within TEC who wish to remain faithful to the Bible and the teaching of the Communion.  Moreover, there is no response to the Primates’ request to suspend all actions in law against congregations with whom TEC is in dispute over property.
We affirm that the good news of Jesus Christ in the scriptures offers hope and transformation to those who are struggling with same-sex attraction. But, regrettably, the TEC HoB ‘s sole standard of reference appears to be the decisions of General Convention rather than the teaching of the Bible or the Anglican Communion. We note also that the TEC HoB Statement makes no reference to the Anglican Communion Covenant. 
We express our full support for the statement issued by Anglican Communion Network on 26 September 2007 and the work of the Common Cause College of Bishops.
Philip Giddings, Convenor, Anglican Mainstream UK
Chris Sugden, Executive Secretary, Anglican Mainstream UK
Contact 01865-883388 or 0118 931 8207 or 0118 954 3892
For further reference see: 
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  1. Father Ron Smith Says:

    The title ‘Mainstream’ is rather misleading as a claim to represent the majority of Anglican Christians around the world. Perhaps the title; Church of the Global South might be more fitting.

    To claim to represent the historic Churches of the Anglican Communion would be to assume that it is identifiable with the broad spectrum of Anglican beliefs, ethics and theology; whereas, quite clearly, it does not even represent the expressed mind of the Primates who met in Dar es Salaam.

    In their communique, the Primates agreed to hold a moratorium on the ordination of so-called missionary bishops and clergy for the purpose of infiltrating the ecclesial territory of ECUSA.

    On this criterion alone, the ‘Common Cause’ bishops have defied the Tanzania Primates Meeting

    To pretend to represent mainstream Anglicanism, therefore, is false, and should, in the interests of TRUTH, this claim should be discontinued.

    Further, the Standing Committee of the ACC has issued a statement of response to the ECUSA House of Bishops’ own statement of its response to the Tanzania Communique, affirming its acceptance of the fact that ECUSA has met the requirements of the Primates’ Communique.

    Despite this, it would appear that the ‘Common Cause Partners’ (Mainstream?)are going ahead with their expressed intention to ‘missionise’ the Episcopal Church of the USA by continuing to interfere in the affairs of the duly constituted ECUSA.

    How does this square with the Primates’ promise not to interfere in the polity of other provinces? And how does it square with the need for unity in the Church of Christ?

  2. Gerry O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    Ron:  You’re back…you said you wouldn’t bother this website anymore.  Again, just like the TEC HofB and Lady Katharin….You Lied!!!!!

    First thing Ron, read the first lines of the item you have responded to…
    Anglican Mainstream in Britain and Ireland—not Global South or Southern Cone….reading lessons in store for Ronnie.

    Thank God for Strong Christian Leadership in Global South and other areas where people stand up for the Supremacy of Scripture and do not let the liberal North American churches push them aside and indeed step out and protect faithful Christians in the USA and Canada.

  3. Father Ron Smith Says:

    And Jesus said: “I, when I be lifted up, will draw ALL PEOPLE to myself” (see Bp.Desmond Tutu)

    ‘Jesus Christ came into the world to SAVE SINNERS’

    “And who went away justified?”, asked Jesus. - We know the answer to that one - not the Pharisee, who thought he had achieved holiness through his own efforts, but the Publican, who acknowledged his deep need of God!

    “I came”, said Jesus, “Not to call the Righteous,
    but Sinners”. That’s everyone - even Gerry.

  4. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    Why didn’t you finish the quote, Ron? It is ..“TO REPENTANCE” you bloke! Jesus also said “Go and sin no more.” He was no pansy, fella. He was no hypocrite either,didn’t cavort with prostitutes and outcasts for fun but contacted them because he saw them as worthy of salvation. Dumbie. Where did YOU learn your theology? From some mail-order divinity mill?

  5. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Ms.(?) de Weever,

    Thanks for your biblical study material. You have obviously not been trained at the Sorbonne, but perhaps the abuse you learned at the School of Hatred of Gentle Men can account for your obvious lack of civility. Never mind, Barbie, God loves you, (but I do struggle)

  6. Gerry O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    Remember Smith ~  When you point the finger of hatred and abuse, you have four fingers pointing back at yourself.

  7. 1`Barbara de Weever Says:

    Oh it’s you Ron:

    You poor benighted creature! I am very much married and happily so with six children and five stepchildren and I could go on and on. My life is quite fulfilling so I have neither the inclination nor the time to hate men, hateful as you are! Also I attended an Anglican academy founded by three English Anglican bishops. The school was foremost in education in the region where I was born and grew up, that being part of the British Empire and later, the Commonwealth.

    Just so you would know, I was taught how to be uncivil by the arrogant, presumptuous, racist teachers to whom we were subjected by Great Britain. Year after bloody year they taught us the British style of arrogance and elitism, at a high cost to the local taxpayers who paid their salaries.

    I have not attended the Sorbonne (my maiden surname is not French, it’s Flemish) However, the Joint Boards of Oxford and Cambridge Universities found my command of British English and my proficiency in Religious Knowledge, as espoused by the C of E and among six other subjects, to be excellent. I am a product of your public school system and your country’s and church’s imperialist folly. Since then I have lived in the United States and have three degrees including a doctorate. What do you have, chump?

    Ah but it’s such a waste of my time talking to pompous asses and you most certainly are one. How British colonial lower class you sound! Who do you think you are impressing? Remain in your folly, ignorance and self-hate. And go to hell! The sooner the better. Goodbye.