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08 October 2006 - Print Version

Fulfilled or Finished? The ‘End’ of the Anglican Communion: a Discussion with Inclusive Church

Ed: This is a helpful and insightful article which seriously tries to grasp what the Global South, at the foundational level, is called to witness to and move in the Communion in faithfulness to the historic Church, particularly its apostolicity; both faith once delivered and witness. Andrew Goddard is a lecturer at Wycliffe Hall,  Oxford and a member of the Covenant Design Study Group called by Canterbury to assess the “implementability” of the   proposed concept of an Anglican Covenant to be opted in by the Provinces if they   chose to remain and fellowship in the Communion. An Alabama Interview with George Carey

"I think they are talking. There’s a lot of sensible people on both sides who are talking and trying to resolve the situation. I do think,  though, that by and large the American church has been irresponsible with regard to this because the appointment of Gene Robinson has created … division. It wrecked mission in the church. It’s decimated congregations….

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