Retired Canadian Bishop Aligns with Southern Cone

21 November 2007 - Print Version

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The Rt. Rev. Donald Harvey, retired Bishop of Eastern Labrador, announced Nov. 16 that he had quit the Canadian Church and will be “resuming full-time Episcopal ministry” on behalf of “biblically faithful Canadian Anglicans who are distressed and feel they no longer have a home in the Anglican Church of Canada.”
Bishop Harvey is moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), a group of traditionalist members of the Anglican Church of Canada aligned with the Anglican Communion Network in the U.S. His departure comes after the Canadian House of Bishops said it would launch a disciplinary investigation into complaints that he had participated in unauthorized episcopal acts in Canada and the U.S.
“This is a full-blown schism now within the Canadian church and it is a direct attack upon the catholicity of the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster in a recent interview with Anglican Journal, the church’s editorially independent newspaper. “It is one thing to hold differing opinions as many Anglicans obviously do on matters of sexual ethics. It’s quite another thing to establish alternative ecclesial bodies, which is schism.”
Bishop Harvey’s departure came one week before the annual conference of the ANiC, and may presage a wholesale defection of Canadian traditionalist congregations and clergy to the South American province. Bishop Ingham said he had written to Bishop Harvey prohibiting him from ordaining two deacons at a parish in his diocese next month. He has also written to the candidates and the clergy of four ANiC parishes in his diocese warning them of possible disciplinary action if they participate.
According to its website, ANiC’s national conference on Nov. 22-23 will “outline details of the option available to biblically faithful Canadian Anglicans who are in ‘serious theological dispute’ with the Anglican Church of Canada and want to be recognized as ‘fully Anglican’ and in the mainstream of global Anglicanism.”
In his letter to Archbishop Hiltz relinquishing his membership in the Canadian Church, Bishop Harvey said “this decision was not made lightly or for any other motive than the realization that I cannot continue to follow the obvious path that the Anglican Church of Canada is taking.”
On Nov. 17 the Council of General Synod said Bishop Harvey’s secession was unnecessary as an “appropriate provision for pastoral care and episcopal support” already existed.
“Interventions in the life of our church, such as ordinations or other episcopal acts by any other jurisdictions are inappropriate and unwelcome,” council members said. “In particular, we cannot recognize the legitimacy of recent actions by the Province of the Southern Cone in purporting to extend its jurisdiction beyond its own borders.”
The Canadian church’s governing body between meetings of General Synod called upon the Archbishop of Canterbury to defend Canada, requesting that he “make clear that such actions are not a valid expression of Anglicanism and are in contravention of the ancient and continuing traditions of the Church.”

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  1. Gerry O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    Praise God!!!  Thank God for Bishop Don Harvey and the Anglican Network in Canada AND for ArchBishop Gregory Venables and the Southern Cone for providing Primatial Oversight and welcoming the Biblically Faithful into that Province.

    As usual, Micheal Ingham is being his absolutely ridiculous and idiotic self. (Sorry Mike, but I call a spade a spade).  Ingham is the original starter of the Schism that is now becoming full blown in the Canadian Church.

    Eventually Bishop Don Harvey and others in ANiC will be remembered as the ones who kept some Canadians in Canada in the Worldwide Communion.

    Blessings to Bishop Harvey and ANiC and Essentials Canada on this very historic week in the history of the Orthodox Church in Canada.

    unfortunately this is also a historic week in the history of the Liberal, unorthodox, quickly becoming totally defiled anglican church in canada which will soon be totally out of communion with the worldwide church.

  2. Father Ron Smith Says:

    Bye-bye, Gerry! You now have a new bishop of the Southern Cone as your mentor and spiritual advisor. Good luck to you, and all those who have defected from the Anglican Church in Canada.

    Perhaps this means that you no longer have to battle with the Anglican Church of Canada. You can now reserve your energies for the promotion of the Gospel of the Global South.

    Prayers and Blessings in your new habitat.

  3. Gerry O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    Dear Smith:
    This is only the start Smith.  I will continue to monitor the Global South Website as do you, simply because ill informed, devisive, perversive persons like you need to be challenged.  I’m confident you will be arrogant enough to show up on Southern Cone also.
    Besides Smith, I wouldn’t want you and you’re little friend Mark to get to lonely without being challenged.

    I shall pray for you.

  4. R Sorfleet Says:

    Defected indeed…we went through this in the early 1980s when many of the Anglo-catholics walked out or in many cases were thrown out or just told to get out.
    The path that Bp Harvey is treading has been trod before. This is just the latest in a list of Exoduses.
    The ACofCanada liberal wing has been endless in its arrogance with no intention of attempting to accomodate or in keeping the square sheep that don’t fit into the new theological round holes decided on by 50% +1 votes. “We get new sheep” stated one liberal clergy recently.
    Even before Winnipeg we had the liberal agenda telling all in earshot that if the vote went against them, they would implement s/s unions regardless.
    The Montreal Declaration was just another scrap of paper.
    Our prayer books were taken away and women’s ordinations came about in the same double-dog dare-me’ism that s/s unions are now. I’m going to do it; I’m going to do it…I did it…even if it was illegal under the canons and constitutions of the day.
    How dare you tell me that I have no place in my church because I don’t happen to agree with your agenda.
    It has never been the what but forever the how and in particular by whom.
    And now you are allowing communicants up to the altar rail so their pets can receive too?
    The Church of What’s Happening Now.
    It is the case of hijacking the church and throwing the passengers out that you don’t want.
    It is about time that people like me from the grassroots told you clergy ça suffit.
    You take us for granted, treat us with contempt and then still expect us to finance the 50% +1 voted for farce.
    If you don’t like the church, why don’t you leave?

  5. Goodness Says:

    Well said Sorfleet. 

    This farce of a church, now headed by Fred Hiltz is not going to stop where it is going until it is nose first in the very dirt that it is promoting. 

    Personally, I find it a refreshing thought that the loyal Orthodox Christians in ACC now have a safe haven they can go to. 

    I find it refreshing to know that the only gays and lesbians in the “new” church will be those that are wanting/desirous of changing from the ways of their life and wanting to become the man or woman that God intended them to be or at least to agree to celibacy and to try not to remain in the sinfulness of the Gay lifestyle.

    Whether they like it or not, that is the way it is.  If you want to promote the Gay/Lesbian thing, stay in the Anglican Church of Canada.  If you don’t, then now you will have an option.  Isn’t that exciting and refreshing?

  6. Goodness Says:

    Goodness….sick smith showing up again

  7. Rosemary Behan Says:

    Father Ron said,  “You can now reserve your energies for the promotion of the Gospel of the Global South.”

    What an interesting remark.  How does the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ,  differ from the Gospel of the Global South?

  8. Father Ron Smith Says:

    The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is Good News for Sinners, Rosemary; whereas it would appear that the gospel of CANA is that of a limited vision of exclusion, which would replace the theology of Grace with that of the Law.

    (c.f. Jesus: “A New Commandment give I unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men (and women) know that you are my disciples, that you love one another.”

  9. R Sorfleet Says:

    What a twist! Liberals citing proof texts in an attempt to defend their point. Usually that is the accusation they throw at the conservatives for using favorite selected verses from Scripture without regards to context.
    And predictable use of suggestive inuendo that anyone opposed to the liberalist agenda is unloving and thereby sinful.
    Reminds me of the verses about loving only they who love you and in particular those who share the agenda.
    Where was the love and inclusiveness the morning my prayerbook was packed in a box and taken to the curbside for the weekly municipal trash pick up? [at least nowadays there would a been a small amount of comfort in the knowledge that they would have been recycled]
    And then hiding behind the old chestnut of anyone disagreeing with me is sinful. Another twist with a liberal calling the conservatives sinners.
    What a role-reversal!
    The definition of “sin” in this new church is now “opposition to the liberal agenda” and “love” has become support thereof.
    Goes with the rest of the wishy-washy fuzzy warm blanket feel good Happy Meal theology gather round the ‘holiday bush’ stuff.

  10. Rosemary Behan Says:

    You said ..  “The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is Good News for Sinners, Rosemary; whereas it would appear that the gospel of CANA is that of a limited vision of exclusion, which would replace the theology of Grace with that of the Law.

    I’m a little puzzled as to why you changed the ‘Gospel of Global South’ to the gospel of CANA.  However it should be easy for you to prove your point,  both have websites,  please do show me where either of them has in your words,  ‘replaced the theology of Grace with that of the Law.’  Otherwise what you say is little short of calumny.

    However you also said,  “(c.f. Jesus: “A New Commandment give I unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men (and women) know that you are my disciples, that you love one another.”

    I haven’t been at this website long,  however in that time,  you have personally attacked me for my views,  and certainly don’t see me as a ‘valued member of the Anglican communion.’  Suggested another poster needed a psychiatrist,  and been shockingly rude to others ..  I wonder what ‘the world’ perceives when it sees what you have written?  A gentle loving follower of Jesus?

  11. Father Ron Smith Says:

    “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild” is a mistaken view, when Jesus saw people’s freedom to worship God was being denied (c.f. Matthew 23:24ff)

    “Alas for you Scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You who pay your tithe of mint and dill and cummin and have neglected the weightier matters of the Law - justice, mercy, good faith! These you should have practised without neglecting the others.” - N.B. Justice, Mercy.

    Jesus reserved his anger for those who judged others. His gentleness was reserved for the humble and meek - those who respected others.

    The pursuit of justice and mercy is a Gospel imperative. This is singularly lacking in the Church of the Sinless.

  12. R Sorfleet Says:

    So now we are the church of the sinless and Fr Smith’s that of sweetness and light and only listens to what it wants to hear with its gospel of flour paste.
    In an earlier posting it was suggested that Bp Harvey seek reordination…why? he along with others who have said enough to the agenda have not sworn oaths and declarations to upholding and teaching church doctrine and then deciding that they don’t actually believe it anymore.
    Let those who want the changes stand up and tell us what they don’t believe and sign it instead of hiding behind the gentle Jesus mush.
    I take it the gospel of what’s happening now omits the moneychangers in the temple and the Son of Gos branshing a whip, or the coming again in glory to judge the living and the dead.
    The fire and the gnashing of teeth at the end time is only for us pre-condemned defectors, the baah-d goats to the left.
    If there is sin here, it is the sin of assumption and playing the role of Judge by the adherents of this new church of the meek and mild that its opponents and critics are already declared sinful people.
    How do you know what sins we have? or are they just the ones you presume we have simply because we question the theology of your agenda?
    ...we confess that we are captive to sin and cannot free ourselves…
    but then of course you like your sheep meek and who never say no.

  13. amos Says:

    To all the Faithful Orthodox Believers in the Canadian Church:

    You have just been introduced to Father Ron Smith, also known as Ron, Ronnie, Smith, Guido, intellectual idiot amongst other not so nice names.

    This man/person is kind of like the flu….He just hangs around, makes a nuisance of himself, irritates others and promotes the perverted attitudes of TEC and other mixed up areas of the Anglican communion (?) as is.  He promotes gay lifestyles, misinterpretation of Scriptures, todays full Science even when wrong and many other things.  He is like a cancer….

    Smith is always quoting Scripture and using it out of context.  He surrounds himself of course with heroes that he supports the stand of such as Micheal Ingham, Desmond Tutu and Katharin Jeffers-Schori. 

    If the EDITOR OF GLOBAL SOUTH were to ever take a step in the direction of standing on the Word, one would be to block or delete every word that Smith puts on this website.

  14. Gerry O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    Father Ron:

    Jesus also showed his anger for those who went against The Law and for those who defiled God’s House.

    If ever a church has gone against the Law (Old Testament) and defiled God’s House (The money changers in the temple) it is the Anglican Church of Canada General Synod in 2007.

    Now, we have Bishop Micheal Ingham of The Diocese of New Westminster accusing Anglican Network in Canada of starting and taking the Anglican Church of Canada into “full blown schism” when in fact, it is Ingham himself who was one of the main catalysts of this Schism. 

    It is also the lack of strength and belief within the new Primate (Fred Hiltz) and also the unbelievable actions of the Synods of the Dioceses of Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara, Westminster, Vancouver and leaders like the new Bishop of PEINova Scotia Sue Moxley.

    The Southern Cone and Archbishop Gregory Venables have been gracious and obedient to God by offering a safe haven to the Orthodox and faithful Anglicans in Canada through The ANiC.

  15. R Sorfleet Says:

    I have seen the likes of Fr Ronnie for quite a long time along with the other armchair activists and critics-at-large playing the intellectual snobbery game and for 25 yrs pushing your faith in your face with their relentless agenda of off into the abyss and thinking that they are all so very very clever. The snarky put-downs and skewering one-liners.
    The useful purpose served by this pest has been to rouse the grassroots into expressing themselves and telling this horde they’ve had enough.
    ABp Venables did the right thing in offering people a solution.

  16. Gerry O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada Says:

    A quote from J.I. Packer spoken at ANiC meeting on 22 November 2007.

    “Schism means unjustifiable and unwarranted dividing of organised Church body. Schism is sin. Those who provoke the division are the schismatic - those who create the problem of concience.

    It is not we who are the schismatic, it is those who are unfaithful to the scriptures and the Anglican heritage that have made it necessary for us to walk apart from the ACoC. Those who accuse us of schism should be told that they do not understand what schism is.

    We are maintaining communion (with the wider Anglican? church) by seperating from the ACoC.”

    Guess that sort of sums it up for Mike Ingham and will set it clear as to who is the cause of Schism.

  17. R Sorfleet Says:

    The truth of the matter is that these zealous enthusiasts for the same-sex union issue by and large have little or no real interest in gay, minority or marginalized rights.
    The real cause is simply having a cause, and SSU’s in the Church is the fashionable cause du jour. They feed off the rancour and upset caused.
    Speak about sin and sinful.
    If the Church were to ordain elephants, they would immediately cry fowl..foul…and demand equality for all other veldt-grazing herbivores.
    The other truth is do those being so vigorously defended actually need or even want the Ronnies of the church to defend them?
    From what I have seen of those promting the cause, I certainly wouldn’t. All arrogance, cheap comment and accusation.
    And where are the Fr Ronnies when my beagle wants to break bread and kitty comes for communion?
    After all weren’t they on Noah’s “big boat” -since we must be dumbed down and avoid big Tudor words like a-r-k, along with the humankind aboard.
    So much for defending my cause against an ungodly people.

  18. Rosemary Behan Says:

    You really do take my breath away Ron.  Your last line reads ..

    “The pursuit of justice and mercy is a Gospel imperative. This is singularly lacking in the Church of the Sinless.”

    Do you see that this is a VERY judgemental remark?  You are accusing fellow members of your own church as thinking of themselves as ‘sinless.’  You know nothing about them,  have never heard their confession of faith,  and yet you are making judgemental accusations.  Amazing ..  and yet,  just before you make this statement you say,

    “N.B. Justice, Mercy.  Jesus reserved his anger for those who judged others. His gentleness was reserved for the humble and meek - those who respected others.

    So you major on justice and mercy,  and don’t give either of those fruits of the Spirit to those who are ‘brothers in Christ.’  It’s breathtaking in it’s sadness.  We are a broken body,  no wonder Our Lord is punishing His church.

    You leave out ‘good faith’  ..  or faithfulness I notice.  [And it’s verse 23 by the way].

  19. R Sorfleet Says:

    Ron is not interested in justice and mercy, nor is there any real interest either in engaging in any meaningful dialog or debate.
    It is a churchman[person]ship driven by intellectual narcissism where the vision of a church is one which is to revolve around them and where the rest of us are to be the privileged hearers and readers of their condescending profundities.
    The sign in front of the church sums it up in two words: everyone welcome….and you know full well they aren’t.